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Impact Attenuating Play Area Surface Under Playground Equipment

We offer a range of impact absorbing safety surfaces.

Impact attenuating play area surface under playground equipment is needed when :

  1. The CFH critical fall height is over 600mm
  2. Forced movement play area equipment (i.e. roundabouts, springies, swings and slides)
  3. Grass can be acceptable for certain sites up to 1.5m CFH but is site-specific

If the playground equipment is below the 0.6m high then tarmac and hardstanding surface can be used but it is still advisable to install a safety surface if kids and children are going to be playing on the area. The impact absorbing synthetic surfacing is usually laid in-situ on-site but loose fill safety surfaces and the preformed surfaces can also be installed.

Shock Absorbing Wetpour

A rubberised wetpour soft surfacing may include distinct designs and colours such as hopscotches (numbered and lettered) to increase essential skills just like maths and English which are utilised heavily within the school curriculum. This is necessary for younger children because it really helps to better progress in key areas of the educational programme that may help them later on. We provide a mulch surface which makes the flooring much safer whilst also making a fantastic finish for outside spaces. It is crucial to make your facility appear as nice as possible, making use of real looking surface can help improve the overall look of your facility.

Just what are the costs of getting play area equipment and flooring installed inside my play area? The costs for your exterior active play area will vary from the apparatus you want, the overall dimensions of the facility as well as the type of impact attenuating play area surface you want and also the colouring of the flooring. Cushioned surfacing is supplied in different depths determined by critical fall heights (CFH) of the apparatus it’s being installed below. This is based upon Head Injury Criteria evaluating (HIC) that takes into account the highest fall height of equipment as well as the sub-base. The critical fall height may vary for each piece of apparatus, it is not always the overall height of the facility but the point where the young people are more than likely to slip or even fall. To give an example, if there was a play train the CFH will be calculated from the highest platform the kids use, not the shelter above the playground equipment.

Maintaining Playground Safety Standards

We work to an extremely high standard to fit each of the required accreditations for example BS EN 1177, BS 1177, CHAS and even ConstructionLine. We make sure to use the sizes and depths necessary to create the outdoor learning space as safe as we can to make secure and also active learning achievable. Play floors are routinely evaluated to ensure they’re non-toxic in addition to being resistant to slip, abrasive wear and also not easy to ignite. If you’ve got full control over the flooring ensure you choose an attractive design and also a colour that matches your facility to create a high quality appearing area.

We offer an array of unique styles, for instance, if a facility has low-level stepping-stones then a school or nursery may decide to get a blue wetpour put around it to create the effect of rivers or lakes. This will increase interactive and also imaginative play in a simple yet effective way. We can turn an old space into a fantastic interactive learning play area that you can use throughout wet weather and will present learning play opportunities to the students. We want to be sure every one of the play spaces which are built suits the criteria set up by OFSTED; this can include enabling young people to have a creative play, improve themselves physically, along enhancing logical and critical thinking skills. Funding streams can give great possibilities for schools so they can increase their spending budget to make certain that their playground meets the requirements set by OFSTED and the school itself.

Safety Flooring Specialists

The Impact attenuating play area surface under playground equipment could be anything from wet pour safety surfaces, wetpour rubber crumb synthetic surfacing, grass mats, rubber mulch or loose-filled bark or sand. Please contact us via the form on this page for further details on costs, prices, quotes and specifications whether it is just for the design and Q26 spec or whether you are on-site and need the installation carrying out we can provide a service second to none!

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