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Safe Play Area Surface

We can install a safe play area surface for your outdoor facility to prevent kids from being injured while running around or using equipment. One of the most popular specifications we use is the wetpour rubber flooring which offers impact absorption for any trips or falls in the area. This surface type can be installed with a variety of different colours to create a diverse and interactive games space. You can even choose bespoke designs for your safety surfacing with a selection of graphics to suit your school or nursery.

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Wetpour Play Area Surface

A ‘wet-pour’ playground surface is a blended mix of rubber granules bound together, having been mixed on site and laid on an existing suitable; or specially prepared base to provide an even and durable surface. It is typically a 2 layer system with the wearing course a constant depth of 15mm and base depth dependent on the CFH requirements. Our wet-pour surfacing is an in situ laid resin bound rubber crumb surface which is tested to BSEN 1177 : 1998. The base layer or shock pad layer is constructed from 2-6mm SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) rubber crumb, which is screeded to the appropriate depth and allowed to cure. The wearing course/layer is constructed from a 1-4mm EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber course.

Our safety surface installation services are usually required on the design of many public recreational facilities, as well as school and nursery areas. We can assist you with all aspects of a safe play area surface construction project, from offering free quotes and professional advice to designing and installing the surfacing itself. The wetpour playground flooring we install can come in a range of bright colours to create a fun and enjoyable environment for kids to play in.

Wetpour Graphic Designs

We also offer a variety of wetpour graphics in exciting shapes and designs such as animals, letters, numbers and footprints. Rubber games graphics can be installed to create games and activities including hopscotch, roadways and letter and number games to make learning fun for the children. All of the specifications we install are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the required safety characteristics for any play equipment which is used in the area. We take the safety of the children using our play facilities very seriously and keeping the surfacing we install safe for use is our paramount concern.

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Playground Surface Maintenance

We are experienced specialists in the installation of wetpour safe surfaces and a number of other safe play facility surfacing specifications such as rubber mulch and rubber grass mats. All of the safe play area surface options we install need to be regularly maintained and properly looked after to ensure that they remain safe for kids to use and that the surface doesn’t become damaged. There are many factors which can have an effect on the playground flooring and cause it to become damaged or worn out, these include heavy use, weathering, vandalism and lack of an appropriate maintenance schedule. The problems which can occur with wet pour rubber surfacing can include flooding and loss of porosity due to a build up of dirt and debris, as well as damage to localised areas of the playground. Check out this video which shows our team completing a repair to a wetpour surface which had become damaged:

In order to prevent these issues, it’s important to regularly brush the surfacing to remove any contaminants which may have fallen into the area, you can also use a hose to wash away any dirt from the playground. The frequency that these maintenance works are needed will vary for each different facility depending on the conditions of the surrounding area, for example if the playground is surrounded by a lot of trees then brushing will need to be carried out more often. We can offer you advice for how to properly maintain your wetpour rubber play area surface to ensure it keeps its original look and safety qualities for as long as possible. Repair kits for the surface can also be supplied to allow you to fix small areas of localised damage in the rubber flooring. However if there is damage to a large section of the playground, we can repair or resurface that area for you.

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If you have any questions or enquiries regarding the installation of maintenance of a safe play area surface, please use our contact form and give us as much detail as possible about your project so we can offer you some helpful information for quotes and specifications. You can also visit our website to find out more about the sports and recreational surfaces we install and provide services for – We install sports facilities as well as recreational areas so please let us know if you have any enquiries for this sort of project as well and we’d be happy to help you. Tell us your thoughts on this topic and don’t hesitate to leave us a nice comment if you have any questions about safe playground surfacing or any of our other products!

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