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Outdoor Safety Surfacing

Outdoor safety surfacing is most commonly installed in nurseries, schools, playgrounds and parks but we have often installed them for houses and work environments. It is important because it protects children and all of the surfacing that we install meets the necessary BS EN 1177 play area standards.

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Impact Absorbing Playgrounds

Wetpour surfacing may be installed in many different colours; this allows you to make your playground a bright, colourful, exciting and visually pleasing surface. Wet pour is the most popular outdoor safety surfacing, this is most likely because of its range of benefits and the fact that coloured rubber graphics can be inserted into the surface, making your play area unique and also able to stand out.

A number of other outdoor play surfaces are also available for these areas. Rubber mulch is a shredded rubber flooring type and it is normally installed in community areas. It’s perfect for spaces where the client would prefer to have a natural rustic look.

Grass mats are also installed in parks to keep the appearance of real grass while adding extra safety qualities to the area. The mats have a honeycomb shape; this lets the natural grass grow through the mat, whilst providing a safe ground surface. To find out more about the safety flooring we can install, contact us today through the quick enquiry form and we’ll discuss costs and designs for the work.

We’ve got various options available to you, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today. Our experts will be more than happy to offer you more information on the play area designs we may install.

Safe Recreational Surfaces

We’re able to install safe recreational surfaces for many different design specifications. This includes the type of surface, colours, sizes, dimensions and patterns. The previous wetpour projects we have carried out in nurseries have asked us to install bright colours, such as blue, yellow, green and red but the designs are ongoing and you can even have multi-coloured areas.

For educational environments, we normally insert a chosen design of graphics into the flooring, these graphics can be fun and educational and the children could be learning whilst in an activity. The popular choice of play graphics for nurseries have been jungle animals, sea life and also roadway designs. The roadways teach the children the safety of crossing roads and what they should look out for when crossing.

Here are some more graphics and designs we could install:

  • Mathematical games
  • Letters and words
  • Activity trails
  • Footprints
  • Cartoon characters
  • Hopscotch
  • Colourful shapes

The advantage of having graphics also means that you are providing outdoor learning; this is because you can choose from our graphics and make sure that they are relevant to your educational curriculum. The wet pour which we’ve installed for people’s driveways have normally been more natural and earth colours, which ensures that they blend in with the community.

We would be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have, so please contact us for details on the services we provide and we shall get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

Outdoor Safety Flooring

There are many different types of outdoor safety flooring which we can install to children’s play areas and other external spaces. While wetpour is a popular choice, there are other options which we also have available. Some of these include bonded mulch and rubber grass matting. We can design the specifications to suit exactly what you need, as well as being affordable for your budget.

In order to keep your recreational safety flooring in excellent condition, regular maintenance should be carried out. If any dirt, leaves or litter falls on the surface then you should remove it. This can cause contamination to occur within the playground flooring. The surfaces are porous but if contamination gets into them it can block the drainage system and cause flooding and safety issues.

Organisations which have wetpour should have a maintenance plan and be proactive with the cleaning schedule. It should be lightly brushed and washed when needed and checked for damages. Rubber mulch should also have light pressure washing and brushing applied to prevent problems. Grass mats are very simple to look after; they only require you to check them and to look out for any damages.

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Chorley Large Private Drive

“We found the whole experience to be overwhelmingly positive. The product is outstanding and the service was highly professional. Although I had some considerable doubts about the overall cost, I have come to the conclusion that it was worth every penny.”

Brett Trevalyan

House Warwickshire

“I would thoroughly recommend using Soft Surfaces. From obtaining a quotation and negotiating a fixed price for my works, through the delivery of the project (around 250m2), to the finished product and the customer after sales service; the company has been exemplary in its' professionalism, punctuality and quality. They delivered my project, on time - as promised - to a perfect finish and to the original budget that had been agreed. They were courteous, polite, considerate, honest and up front to deal with at all times and filled me with confidence throughout. I am extremely happy with my drive and pool surround. I have spent a lot of money renovating my property in every way possible; but the thing that everyone who comes comments on, is the driveway! I would, and have,

Nathan Houlden

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All the installation and maintenance services are completed by safe outdoor flooring specialists to the highest standards. This ensures complete client satisfaction and to keep the safety of the children as our top priority.

We have worked with schools, nurseries, councils and other educational organisations to develop outdoor playgrounds. These allow kids to participate in active play while learning through games which link to the National Curriculum.

For more information on the services we provide for outdoor safety flooring including wetpour, get in touch with us by filling in our enquiry form. We’ll send you some product sheets and examples of previous work that we have carried out. We’ll also offer a quote for the work you’d like us to complete.

Please contact us if you would like us to send you over some product sheets and examples of the outdoor safety surfacing that we can install. We have completed many projects through the UK and can provide great value quotes for whatever work you’d like us to carry out for your playground or outdoor area. Simply complete our quick enquiry form to let us know exactly what you need. We will reply back with a price for the work.