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Wetpour Maintenance

Wet pour maintenance is an important process. We recommend keeping the area clean and free from debris in order to ensure the surface remains safe for children.

If you have an EPDM rubber wetpour safety surface on your playground, it is important to carry out regular wet pour maintenance.

This helps to look after the flooring and make sure it doesn’t get dirty or become unsafe.

You can keep the rubber play surfacing clean by brushing the area to remove mud, debris and natural matter from the area. This prevents the pores in the surface from becoming blocked up.

Wetpour After Care Maintenance

As wet pour rubber is a porous specification, it’s important to keep the small voids in the rubber surface free from dirt. This is so water can drain through instead of building up and making the area unsafe for use by the children.


We carry out pressure washing of wetpour playground flooring across the UK. A professional contractor should always complete this process to ensure the correct technique.

This also makes sure the flooring does not suffer damage from the high pressure of the jet wash. You should angle the spray to blast away dirt, rather than pointing it directly down. This helps to avoid causing damage to the flooring when cleaning.

A regular jet wash is a good way of proactively cleaning your wetpour safety surfacing. This will keep it clear of dirt and contamination. It also ensures that it’s suitable for kids to play on and not slippery from puddles or debris and tther atmospheric conditions.

If you have chewing gum, foreign objects or something else stuck on the wearing course, it is recommended to get a professional to clean this off.


After your wetpour playground surface installation, we can offer a range of wet pour after care. We also have products to help you look after the flooring and keep it in top condition.

If you have minor rips in the safety surface, from vandalism or play equipment, this could develop into a trip hazard. This is why we recommend wetpour repairs as soon as possible.

One of the products we can provide for wetpour maintenance is a specialist repair kit. This includes all the equipment you will need to fix the affected area on your rubber play surface.

The kits or the wet pour repairs contain the correct ratio of EPDM rubber granules and polyurethane binder. These should be mixed together and used to carry out small repairs to the damaged area of surfacing.

We supply these wetpour repair kits in a range of colours so you can choose the right colour option for your own playground.

When carrying out minor wet pour repair work, we advise that you cut around the damage area into a shape. This can be a simple shape such as a triangle or star. You would then need to fill in the gap with an alternative colour.

If you try to match with the same colour as the existing rubber surface, it may not match exactly. The rubber on the play area itself may have faded over time so it would be slightly different to the new rubber in the wet pour repair kit.

Wet Pour Surface Upkeep

We can also supply you with a liquid de-icer as part of the wetpour surface after care maintenance. You can apply this onto the playground surface to prevent ice from forming on it during very cold weather. This should then stop the area from becoming slippery and unsafe for the children.

Applying the liquid de-icer will ensure that the play area is safe for use all year round. The children can continue to enjoy outdoor play during cold spells.

Please use our contact form to get in touch with us if you need some advice on wet pour maintenance.

How to Maintain Wet Pour

Regular maintenance is vital as it helps to keep the area safe and in top condition. If there is dirt within the pores, a power spray can remove debris that are difficult to reach.

The EPDM rubber system is completely porous to make sure liquid moves through. This will help prevent any flooding.

It’s vital that you keep the permeable properties and stop any holes being blocked up by debris and also contaminants.

This could trigger floods during bad weather, making the area unusable. It could potentially be hazardous as a slippy surface might result in injuries. If you leave maintenance too late, don’t worry as restoration solutions are available.

Proactive Servicing for Wetpour Surface

It is recommended to carry out proactive servicing for wetpour to ensure the surface remains safe to use. You will also need to complete proactive servicing to keep the surface looking nice.

If you do not undertake regular cleaning, the surface can become dirty and can lose its anti slip properties. This means that you could then lose points during Ofsted inspections.

We also recommend regular inspections to ensure the surface is not unsafe for young people. If you come across rips and tears in the surfacing when inspecting the area, it is vital that you deal with the problem straight away. This should ensure that it doesn’t lead to any further damage.

If your surface does suffer damage over time or due to heavy use, our specialist team can carry out wet pour repairs.

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