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3g Artificial Sports Pitch Resurfacing Contractors

As specialist 3G Artificial Sports Pitch Resurfacing Contractors we work nationwide throughout the UK.

In the UK there is a huge array of old worn sand-filled pitches mostly used for football.

The preferred artificial football surface specification is a 3G which is sand + rubber filled synthetic turf. These 3G surfaces are also advertised as a 4G pitch or 5G pitch surface.

Why Resurface your Synthetic Football Pitch?

Astro turf sand filled surfaces will eventually reach the end of their lifecycle.

The performance properties will begin to decrease and playing characteristics like ball bounce, ball roll, slide resistance, and its drainage properties will begin to degrade as it passes the end of its life.

This is why artificial pitch resurfacing is so important as it gives the facility the perfect opportunity to improve their sports pitch with new and high-performance properties.

The 3G Artificial Sports Pitch Resurfacing Process

The process of resurfacing an all-weather pitch into a 3G sport surface specification is:

  • Uplift and removal of existing worn carpet
  • Preparation works to sub base (i.e. checking drainage, shockpad levels and edging)
  • Repairs to damaged areas
  • Installation of the 3G artificial grass carpet
  • Lines to be cut in to be part of the synthetic carpet
  • All seams and joints glued and taped
  • Installation of the sand infill to hold the pile upright and weigh the carpet down
  • Installation of the rubber crumb infill to give the playing characteristics needed for football or rugby
  • Brushing to evenly distribute the infill ready for playing on the surface

Every re-surfacing project is unique and the solutions are individually tailored to each client so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Why Choose a 3G Specification?

3G pitches are becoming the number one choice for many artificial turf sports pitches with football.

4G Pitches and 5G Turf Specification are being advertised but these products are just variations in the third generation artificial grass with sand and rubber infill.

The number one choice when choosing a synthetic surface for football is a 3G sport surface. Its specialist combination infill of rubber crumb and sand help to protect the grass from heavy tackles and provide perfect ball role.

3G Pitch Resurfacing Costs

The costs to resurface a 3G Pitch is approximately £140,000 in the UK.

These costs can vary significantly depending on the size and dimensions of the all weather pitch.

Other factors to consider is the quality of the synthetic turf carpet as this can massively change the costs to complete a 3G pitch resurface.

Lastly, some projects in the UK are on rooftops or obscure locations so this can affect the prices and quotation value.

We can price any project in the UK from the highlands in Scotland down to Devon. As nationwide resurfacing contractors get in touch for best prices on the 3G Artificial Sports Pitch Resurfacing installations.

There are plenty of case studies and testimonials of projects we can show you during your enquiry.

How Long Does It Take To Resurface An Artificial Sports Pitch?

It takes 3-5 weeks to resurface a full-sized artificial sports pitch into the latest 3G artificial grass sport surface.

This comprises of one week onsite uplifting and removing of the existing worn synthetic carpet.

1-2 weeks preparation works depending on the sub base and shock pad under the synthetic turf carpet.

Then finally two weeks to install the 3G artificial grass surfacing with infill and lines cut in.

The length of time to resurface an artificial sports pitch can vary depending on access and weather conditions so it is wise to project manage the works to take 5-8 weeks. Sports consultants usually allow two months as it allows a provisional sum for bad weather.

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