Artificial Grass Installation in Swarkestone, Derby

When it comes to installing Artificial Grass here at Soft Surfaces we have a great wealth of experience over many years in the industry supply surfaces across the UK.

Artificial Leisure Grass Installation

In this video below see the full process of how we upgrade a natural grass lawn for Synthetic Grass. Our installation in Swarkestone, Derby will show the range of expertise as we provide an install around Children’s Activity Equipment.

Please see video transcript below:

00:07 Hey, guys. This is Dan from Soft Surfaces here. In today’s video, we’re going to show you an artificial grass installation in the Swarkestone, Derby area.

00:16 The first thing we actually did for this installation was to inspect the natural grass that was already there and obviously make plans for the size of the artificial grass, which was going to be installed. This obviously means measuring up this existing area, which you can see, and obviously just kind of taping off where we feel we need to install the facility.

00:29 Next up, the sub-base and edging is actually installed in preparation for the artificial grass. This means obviously removing the existing surface, fitting the edging and the sub-base and then it’s ready get the grass finish.

00:39 The completed project is actually here, you can see in the photos. The artificial grass is now laid. It looks absolutely fantastic for this little small playground facility. Obviously they’ve got their wooden games that they can play on here with that as well. It’s a great little area for the kids to kind of go and enjoy during their lunch breaks.
Thanks a lot for watching guys, and I’ll see you guys later.

Artificial Grass Installation in Derby
Artificial Grass Installation in Derby

Swarkestone Information

Swarkestone is a small village in the south of Derbyshire, England. This small village had a population of 187 people at the last census in 2011. This old English village is where Swarkstone bridge is located it is three-quarters of a mile long and has 17 arches.

Derby as a city has extensive transport links with other areas of the country. It is situated about 10 miles from the M1 which links the city with people moving south to London or north to Leeds and Sheffield. But was historically renowned for being the link between London and Carlisle on the A6 but also linking to Leicester and Manchester, the A38 Bodmin to Mansfield via Bristol and Birmingham. The A50 from Warrington to Leicester via Stoke and with the A52 linking between Newcastle to Mablethorpe.

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