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Leisure Grass Surfacing

Artificial grass has become increasingly popular and is widely used throughout both the domestic and education sectors. Synthetic turf changes the way you think, feel, perform and is a major driving factor to participation in more sport and play. From the grass roots we encourage children to play outdoors and artificial lawn surfaces enhance leisure, play and sport activities due to the all weather surface performance. Synthetic turf pitches have increased the amount of competitive sport played in schools, colleges and universities. Artificial grass is the terminology used on man-made surfaces for play and leisure which in the past has been referred to as artificial turf. Many private and public gardens, and recreational areas are installed with fake leisure grass surfacing due to its durability and simple maintenance needs.


A lot of domestic homes, schools, nurseries and public lawn areas have leisure grass surfacing installed as there are wide range of colour options and specifications to choose from to ensure you get the perfect surface type for your project. The most advanced designs of synthetic surfacing have been developed with UV stability; this means they maintain their colour for much longer through sunlight exposure. Artificial lawn surfaces create an attractive look for an outdoor area while still maintaining the natural feel and comfort of real grass.

Artificial Leisure Turf Surfaces

We can install artificial leisure turf surfaces throughout the UK to a wide range of projects and organisations. Whether it’s a large commercial visitor attraction or a small domestic garden, we can help you with choosing the right synthetic carpet, creating a design to suit the requirements of the facility, and installing the surfacing itself. You can choose from a range of lawn options for your home which may need to accommodate children and dogs, or for a public garden which gets a lot of pedestrian traffic throughout the day. Selecting the right specification of synthetic carpet is essential to ensure you get the perfect artificial lawn at a price that suits you.

Leisure turf has become very popular throughout the UK on golf course pathways, embankments, gardens, swimming pool surrounds and leisure complexes.  The advantage of leisure turf is the low maintenance costs and no cutting of grass is needed. This gives your area a pristine all year round look as well as being comfortable underfoot. It is also used in areas like the centre of roundabouts, flat rooftops and even on tunnel entrance ways at sports stadiums.

If you’re thinking about having artificial leisure grass installed at your home, school, nursery, park, club, visitor centre, or any other outdoor space, please get in contact with us. We have experience in installing outdoor recreational and safety surfaces across the country and we would be happy to assist you in developing a design for your project and installing the surfacing for you. All you have to do is use our enquiry form to send us your details including the post code, area size and a brief description of the work you’d like us to do for you. One of our staff members will then get back to you with a price for the work as well as some product sheets and advice on the best artificial surfacing for your project.

Artificial Grass Uses

There are a number of artificial grass uses. A multitude of areas in the UK including parks, backyards, play areas for educational facilities, nurseries, sporting organisations and also golf facilities, are starting to put in man-made surfacing. Golf organisations and also teams have chosen to have fake lawn fitted. Paths and synthetic putting greens are both typical options in which synthetic grass may be installed, as a result of minimal routine maintenance needed and also great aesthetics.

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For more information on the different uses of artificial lawn surfacing, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our team. Simply fill in the contact form and we can provide you with a quote and additional details. 

Advantages of Synthetic Turf

Many individuals are interested in synthetic turf because English climate is not really the best; this is one of the biggest advantages of synthetic turf. Since the weather conditions in Great Britain aren’t nice at times, gardens may be left unusable, because normal or perhaps real grass can become damp and extremely dirty. Man-made turf does not get dirty as well as not used throughout wet conditions. The artificial turf will be SuDS certified, this means that the surfacing isn’t going to become swamped or water logged.

Another advantage of synthetic turf is that very little maintenance is required. This means that you can enjoy a great looking lawn without needing to carry out as much maintenance. It is recommended to remove litter and other things that could dirty the area in order to prevent the area from being contaminated and losing its porosity.

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