Resin Bound Mixed Aggregate Surfacings

Throughout the UK resin bound mixed aggregate surfacings are commonly installed as outdoor paving at a range of locations. This particular surface type is extremely durable and versatile, and comes in a number of coloured designs. Projects which have resin bound gravel surfacing installed often take place at domestic homes, schools, public visitor centres and parks. We can create designs and gives prices for this stone paving specification to suit various functions and requirements.

Resin Bound Aggregate Specification

The specification for resin bound mixed aggregate surfacings which are used for general outdoor paving on paths and driveways is the NBS Q23 225 proprietary resin bound chippings. This is made using natural gravel aggregate which is combined with resin until each piece of stone is evenly coated. Once the stone and resin is thoroughly mixed, it is poured onto a suitable sub base and then smoothed out with a trowel to leave a seamless and even finish. The best type of sub base for this resin bound stone paving will be either macadam or concrete as this provides the best strength and stability. In most cases, if the existing surface is macadam or concrete, this can be used as the sub base without having to install a new one.

Resin Bound Specification Costs
Garden Patio Flooring

Resin bound stone surfacing is popular in the UK as it is very durable and is also porous. This means that water is able to leave the surface quickly in wet weather by soaking through the gaps in the stones rather than creating puddles. Because of these permeable properties, the resin bound gravel paving is compliant with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS). Therefore it is recommended for use in urban areas with a lot of houses and buildings as it helps to prevent flooding. Once the installation is complete, maintenance requirements for resin bound mixed aggregate surfacings are relatively low as regular brushing and occasional pressure washing is all that’s needed to keep it clean and free from contamination.

Decorative Stone Paving Designs

We can install decorative stone paving designs in a range of natural colour options. This means you are able to customise the look of your outdoor surfacing to create a bespoke and attractive area. The most common uses for gravel aggregate paving are driveways and outdoor pathway surfacing as the flooring can withstand heavy traffic from both vehicles and pedestrians. Other popular uses include access roads, pool surrounds, garden patios, car parks and tree pit surrounds. For a resin bound stone tree pit the specification is slightly different and is known by architects as NBS Q10 305 tree grilles and surrounds. Each of these decorative stone paving designs can be installed in a variety of colours including natural gravel to match existing outdoor features, and coloured stone for a more abstract appearance. The natural coloured stones are most common in public areas and domestic driveways, whereas the brighter coloured designs are often used for playground features and more decorative areas.

Resin Bound Paving Maintenance UK
Stone Surface Maintenance

Through our specialist knowledge and experience, we can help with every aspect of your decorative stone paving installation. Our staff will guide you through each of the available designs and offer advice on costs for the surfacing you would like installed. We have worked on numerous projects nationwide in the UK at domestic homes, schools, sports clubs, parks, visitor centres and attractions to create functional and decorative outdoor surfaces. Feel free to get in touch with us by filling in the contact form on this page with details of the project you’re interested in carrying out. If you include dimensions of the proposed area, a post code and an idea of the work you would like us to do, we will get back to you with an estimate of costs to suit your budget. You can also leave us a comment at the bottom of this page for more information on resin bound mixed aggregate surfacings and the designs we can install.

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