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Resin Bound Driveway Paving

Many different surfaces are used when it comes to driveways, but one of the most popular types of surfacing is resin bound stone. This material offers plenty of benefits for vehicles, people and the environment it has been laid in.

The flooring is created by mixing natural stone gravel with a polyurethane resin until a mixture is formed known as resin bound gravel. It’s immune to cracking and requires low maintenance; these are some of the main reasons why this specification is chosen above others.

With a long-lasting life cycle if cared for, and added slip resistance, this has become a popular surface type not just for driveways but for paths, patios, pool surrounds, tree pits etc. Soft Surfaces have done a lot of resin bound driveway installations for commercial and residential projects and therefore are incredibly experienced in this field. Check out this page for more details on pathway surfacing that we can offer.

Driveway Paving Ideas

This type of stone surfacing is well known for being incredibly effective for cars, wheelchairs and pushchairs as they can roll easily due to their smooth surface. A lot of driveways are made from resin stone paving for this very reason. Not only does it benefit the vehicle that is driving over the drive, but it can have a lot more advantages for the user. This is one of many driveways paving ideas that you could consider.

Due to the material that resin stone surfacing is made up of, a tarmacadam sub-base would be ideal for the actual resin stone. Reason being that it is porous and is Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) compliant. Visit this post to learn more about SuDS and how they help the environment. This is often why the sub base is recommended to be laid beforehand as they both allow for similar properties to occur.

A common problem is when driveways get flooded with puddles. Cars can struggle to get out if the puddles are big and deep enough. The stone paving is the solution to this issue as the surface is porous, meaning that water goes through into the ground below and isn’t just collected on top of the drive, avoiding the problem of flooding from occurring.

Resin Stone Driveway Designs

Firstly, the range of colours. Resin-bound paving has a brilliant wide range of colours, meaning you can make your driveway fit the design of its surroundings easily. In addition, the depth of the actual surface can be altered so it can match most ground levels without any problems. We can supply a range of design ideas and options so you can find one that suits you. Some of the common colour choices we offer include:

  • Autumn Gold
  • Beige
  • Black Basalt
  • Brittany Bronze
  • Red Granite
  • Silver Grey

Visit our Resin Bound Designer to see all of the different colour options and decide which one would suit you best.

Many people also get annoyed with how some driveways can end up growing weeds, which will require a lot of maintenance to avoid this problem from happening. Resin stone is brilliant since weeds can’t grow through the surface. This means your driveway can stay looking good without the panic of weeds and other plants growing in unwanted places.

Resin Bound Driveway Cost

It’s important to keep in mind your budget when it comes to installing a resin stone driveway. The surface can get quite expensive depending on what requirements you ask for and such. The bigger the area, the more expensive the installation will be. Other additions to the surfacing will cost a bit more but in total, you will be saving money on maintenance. This is one main factor to think about with regards to the resin-bound driveway cost.

The resin-bound surfaces will require little maintenance after the installation. Click here to see more about the maintenance methods required. Regular checks should be performed on the flooring to double-check that no damage, contaminants and/or dirt are present. Spotting these things early allows you to act quickly and to stop any more problems from occurring or developing.

Cleaning the surface isn’t a problem either. All that is required is a power washer and for it to be pointed at an angle, around 200mm up from the ground. By doing this, the stone surface will not sustain any damage when you are washing it. Regular cleaning will stop dirt from blocking the porous material and remove contaminants from spreading across it.

Apart from that, not much maintenance has to be performed on the driveway as it will take care of itself mainly. Performing regular checks of the surface could extend the life cycle by years, saving you even more money in the future. Cleaning will help even more to avoid any blockages and eventually damage.

Residential Stone Driveway Installers

When it comes to the installation of a domestic driveway, it’s important that you get it done by a company you can trust. The installation process can take a while and if not done properly, can lead to many problems. Soft Surfaces are the perfect residential stone driveway installers to do this type of project. With over 20 years of experience in surfacing a wide range of projects, no job is left incomplete.

This video below shows our team installing a stone drive for a domestic client in Rugby:

Our team of experts will only ask for photos and measurements of the area, eliminating the need for a consultation, meaning a more effective use of time. This means we can get onto the job a lot quicker than most other companies. You can also send your personalised ideas with colour requests and other additions and our team will make sure that your requirements are met.

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