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Resin Bound Installation in Glasgow, Scotland

What was the specification? : Resin bound gravel at 16mm
What colours were used? : Natural Buff
What was the size of the job? : 68m²
How long did the job take?:1 day on site
What sub base was used? : Open textured macadam

The installation of resin bound gravel surfacing in Glasgow, Scotland has completely enhance the overall look of the driveway.

Resin Bound Driveway

The video below shows the installation process of the resin bound driveway by our professional team.

Please see video transcript below:

00:05 Hi, you guys. This is Don from Soft Surfaces here, and on this video we’re going to be showing you an installation of sudstone resin bound gravel in Glasgow. So here’s the actual surface before the installation.

So this client actually wanted it done on their driveway. As you can see, they had this tile-based system beforehand which wasn’t really suitable for what they needed.

Next up, the sudstone resin ground gravel is actually prepared, so you can see he’s actually preparing the resin there and pouring it onto the mixer, mixing it with the resin rate which will actually be laid onto the surface itself.

So you can see our mixer in play there. And here we are, actually with the resin being installed. So you can see that it’s actually being fit onto the surface there and [inaudible 00:00:38] down by our installers, ready to be basically dry and to be fitted ready. So here’s the actual completed photos of this.

It’s a really, really nice surface. As you can see, it’s a very nice, natural look. It’s much easier to be using as a driveway and it’s a great flat surface to be using any kind of pathway or driveway area, really.

As we do a lot of work in the Glasgow area, we actually rank in Google for these key phrases: Glasgow colored driveway installers, top resin driveway company Scotland, pathway and driveway experts Glasgow, resin bound and bonded surfacing Scotland, Glasgow disabled access flooring, and even more than that.

So for any informations about prices or specifications for products we can install, our website can be found in the description of this video. Thanks for watching, guys, and we hope to talk to you soon.

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