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IRB Type 22 Rugby Union Longer Piled Artificial Turf Pitches

IRB Type 22 Rugby Union Longer Piled Artificial Turf Pitches are built and constructed as all weather sports pitches to prevent the need for cancellation of rugby games due to waterlogged pitches, flooding or the surface holding water because the construction of the IRB approved rugby pitches are designed to have a full drainage system installed into the groundworks and sub base. The IRB also known as the international rugby board set out parameters the rugby surface needs to meet from the shock absorption, vertical deformation, ball roll and ball bounce to the porosity and deviation of the playing area because they want to set out firstly a safe all weather pitch for the players but also a surface performance criteria that helps the playing surfacing to be like natural if not better. Rugby is a growing sport with the super league growing the game of rugby league, rugby union teams increasing and the ever growing sports of tag rugby, touch rugby which is also known to many as tick and pass.

The tag rugby is not a full contact sport and many prefer this because like to use the skill, speed and do not like the physical side of the game. The design of the IRB type 22 regulation pitch can vary with different height piles from 40mm depth, 50mm thick to 60mm pile height synthetic turf which all can be specified to have a sports underlay carpet of an insitu rubber shock pad which helps cushion the fall of children, kids and players on the pitch. For details on costs, prices and NBS specifications of the IRB rugby synthetic pitches please ring 01625445760 or visit our website which will have further blogs on the different specifications of the artificial turf courts.

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