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Resin Bound Gravel / Stone Mixing & Application Guide

The application of Resin Bound Stone process is a tricky process but the end results can be stunning. Using an action mixer or other motorised aggregate turner, add the required stone / gravel. Be sure to add all of the aggregate together to eradicate any risk of difference in colour to due batch difference. The pre mixed, Polyurethane Binder can then be added to the mixer, along with the correct quantity of Fine Sand.

This should be mixed for 1 – 2 mis, to ensure a thorough and even mix. Once the Resin Bound Stone / Gravel has been mixed, it can be moved to the prepared sub base area and installed using a large trowel . With downward pressure being applied and finished with light strokes, you will be left with a flat, UV Stable, Durable and Natural flooring system.After 24 hours, the PU Resin Binder will have cured and the area will be ready for use. The type of Gravel required, along with the total size of the area will have a bearing on the price of the installation. Soft Surfaces Ltd can help you with all aspects on this. We can provide you with a quotation and specification if required. Please call 01625 445760 for more information on the build up, construction and surfacing details or visit which has all the Q26 specifications on there from resin bound gravel pathways and walkways to playground surfacing requirements.

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