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Resin Bound Installers

We are professional resin bound installers in the United Kingdom and have over 22 years experience within the surfacing industry.

Resin Bound Installation

Have a look at the video below to find out more about resin bound systems.

Please see video transcript below:

00:06 Hey guys, it’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here. And today we’re going to be explaining why we’re expert resin bound surfacing installers across the United Kingdom.

00:13 So you might be asking what is resin bound. Resin bound is a porous and seamless surface that has recently become a lot more popular for residents. It’s very customisable and it’s actually great for wheelchair access and things like that since it’s very smooth.

So many people want to know the installation process for this as well. So firstly the resin is actually prepared, which you can see here. Next up, the stone aggregate is mixed with the resin.

You can see this actually carrying out there and the mixer then pours the mixture into a container ready for pouring onto the actual surface. Then finally we actually then apply that to the particular surface you’re having installed.

00:46 Here are some examples of our previous jobs. This first one here is actually on a driveway. You can see it looks relatively nice on there. Very flat surface, very natural looking. This one as well on a bit of a smaller driveway, but again, really helps it stand out, really gives that great finish. And again, another driveway job here.

01:02 From years of actually installing this surface type across the United Kingdom were ranking Google for these phrases. Resin bound surfacing company, resin bound driveway installers, residential porous flooring UK, stone pathway installation United Kingdom, local porous resin bound companies and even more than that.

So that kind of shows how many jobs we’ve installed across the United Kingdom too.

01:25 So overall then a fantastic surface, it’s very customisable and only increasing in popularity across the United Kingdom. If you are interested in a quote for this, and our website is in the description of this video, so please check it out for the prices and specifications.

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