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Long/Triple Jump Runway Design

Do you have an existing long jump or triple jump that you wish to renovate? Are you looking to install a brand new athletics runway? No matter what you are looking for our team can help.

We offer the very best surfacing installations when it comes to sports and athletics surfaces. Long jump and triple jump are becoming more and more common in schools in the UK; this is due to a range of factors including the growing importance of children’s health and fitness.

A lot of schools are taking advantage of the Sugar Tax and using funds from this to pay for such athletics facilities like long jumps and triple jumps. If you are interested in a quote for the construction of a long or triple jump runway make sure to get in touch now using the enquiry form provided.

Long Jump Pit Construction Specifications

When installing these facilities we can complete the job to your individual specification. There are a range of long jump pit construction specifications available, however, we make certain to bear in mind your individual needs and requirements to ensure you get the very best finish.

Some people will prefer a long landing pit, whereas others may prefer a short pit which is wide. Whatever you need, we can accommodate.

If you would like to find out more about the various specifications available or make some changes to an existing spec, please make sure to contact us now with your requirements.

Triple Jump Runway

Both long jumps and triple jump runways can be installed in a range of different colours and designs. Some people may prefer rubber surfacing whereas others may prefer needlepunch synthetic carpet. Our team can cater for all your needs, so make sure to get in touch to discuss.

With a lot of the runways we install, we are asked to have multiple lanes in various colours so that more than one individual can complete the jump at the same time.

If you would like to discuss the various colours and surface options available, please speak with our team members now.

Polymeric Rubber Runway

If you are interested in having an athletics facility installed but are unsure which surface to use, why not have a look at polymeric rubber? This surface type is available in a variety of different colours and is perfect for running tracks, long-jumps and triple-jumps.

Polymeric rubber is generally used for professional sports and athletics clubs or schools with older children. The surface is porous which means water can drain through easily without puddling. This also means little maintenance is required.

Needlepunch Synthetic Carpet

If polymeric rubber is not right for you, you should certainly have a look at needlepunch synthetic carpet. This is more often used for primary schools and those with younger children, as this surfacing allows more grip for the users.

Needlepunch can also be installed in various colours to meet your individual needs and requirements. This surface is also permeable which means little maintenance is required.

Long Jump Design

Along with the type of surface, you will also get to design the rest of the facility. This includes the size, shape, number of lanes, colours and more. You can even design how you would like the landing pit installed.

The landing pit of a triple jump or long jump is a sand pit filled with silica dry rounded play sand. The sand is needed to be washed and rounded so the kids and children jumping into the landing pit are safe without any cuts or grazes.

They come in a selection of sizes and measurements generally to meet the project’s restrictions. Sometimes they might only have limited space or more importantly, have a certain budget or grant to work to.

The budget is usually funded however many organisations carry out fund raising events to create extra revenue to have other facilities installed. These include things like a high jump fan or throwing circle which can be constructed at the same time; this saves costs on the quote as we will already have our plant and equipment on site.

Designs of the track and field sports facilities need to meet the costs of the grant and therefore the specification is determined on this budget. If they have an unlimited budget they could go for the all singing and dancing IAAF long jump runway however sometimes the costs and prices are an issue and that is when we can tailor fit the quote to suit all needs.

In general the long jump runway and triple jump run up landing pit is usually 9m x 3m however like we said this can be amended to suit the prices they need to meet.

Landing Pit Mowing Strips

We would always advise having landing pit mowing strips installed because it is a pathway around the sand which the teachers can stand on to get the readings of the jump. These strips also prevent grass cutting going in the sand pit.

Rubber Kerbs to Athletic Triple Jump Runways

Rubber Kerbs to Athletic Triple Jump Runways are installed for the safety of the children and kids that will be using the athletics track and field facility.

The rubber kerbs are installed to the perimeter of the long jump landing pit or triple jump sandpit incase of the eventuality the kids might fall back and bang their head on the edging.

More Information

For more information and further details on long jump runway designs, construction, surfacing and specification measurements please call 01625 445760.

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