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Pole Vault Runway Construction

Pole Vault is now becoming more popular with sports clubs and schools as an athletics event. This is likely due to the Olympics and other major athletics events. We can install these facilities at many areas across the UK for both recreational and professional use. The designs can vary but we’ll always try to keep the costs affordable for each client. Pole vault runway construction is ideal for adding an engaging new activity to your sports area.

The run up track is made from an EPDM recycled rubber Polymeric surfacing and is a minimum of 40m in length. This material is durable and long lasting, we often use it when installing full size running tracks as well. You may also see it on long jump runways which are popular in school athletic facilities.

Pole Vault Runway Dimensions

The pole vault runway dimensions can be different for each facility and we can tailor the design. It has a standard width of 1.2m and has a landing cushion of 5 m x 5m (25m2). Depending on budget and available space this can change. Our team will be able to devise a quote which suits your price range.

The Pole Vault runway construction also has an overall inclination in the running direction of 1:1000 and an overall lateral inclination of 1:1000. The Pole Vault box is 1.084m long, 600mm wide at the front and tapers off to 150mm at the bottom. These areas always built to specification and design but can be adjusted to meet IAAF, NCAA and NFHS. These requirements can affect the overall budgets and costs. Our team often install outdoor athletics tracks so we have plenty of experience with these products.

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You can speak with our team and find out more about the costs for installing one of these facilities. Just let us know what your budget is and where you are located so we can put together a quote. Soft Surfaces Ltd are prime sports surface contractors and specialise in the construction of Pole Vault and other athletic tracks.

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