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Polymeric Long Jump Essex

If you are looking for a professional athletics finish, the polymeric rubberised surface is the perfect option. The rubber shockpad and coloured EPDM finish provides an excellent base for running and jumping.

Polymeric long jump facilities can often be found in:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Sports /Athletics Clubs

The rubberised all weather surface enables year round use and prevents being governed by the conditions. The natural free draining nature of the surface makes it perfectly suited for use in the UK.

Polymeric Long Jump Installation in Essex

Please read transcription below:
00:07 Hi guys. It’s Dan here and today we’re just going to be looking at a Polymeric Long Jump installation we carried out in the Essex area. So on the first photos here you can see that the old surface was completely water logged, basically rendering it completely unusable for the school, for the kids at the school.

00:20 So prior to us really carrying out any long jump works we kind of just had to remove what was already there. These photos kind of show that. We’ve dug it up completely, giving us the ability to kind of carry out the rest of the works and in doing this, it then allowed us to install the PCC edging, which is the pre-cast concrete edging, and as you can see from that there, that kind of gives us an idea of where to edge up to for our polymeric surface that we’re going to be installing.

00:42 Once that’s finished we then fit the take-off boards, which are essentially the place where the kind of jump off into the sandpit of the long jump facility. After that the polymeric surface itself is installed, which is a fantastic product because it’s porous, which basically means it can be used completely all year around and then finally the anti-slip colour coating which really brings out the colour of the product is then fitted.

01:02 That’s it guys. If you want to see any more videos related to long jump installations in Essex, make sure to check out my channel and check us out at

Polymeric Long Jump Installation Process

The existing long jump was in major need of a revamp and had become unusable due to the uneven levels and sharp stones on the surface. It was also prone to waterlogging which wasn’t helped by the compacted mud on which it has been built.

Installation of Long Jump Sub Base

We started the process by excavating to the required depth and installing a specialist porous stone sub base which aids drainage and structurally supports the final surface. This also included the installation of precast concrete edges in order to increase the lifespan of the surface.

Installation of specialist porous stone and edges to aid drainage and support the polymeric surface.
The PCC edges add to the structural integrity of the facility and ensure that it is long lasting. It is important that all our installations last the test of time and therefore we always ensure that we make the right material choices. The take off boards are positioned and fixed into place before the final surface is installed. We can provide fixed or recessed take off boards in order to increase the usability of the area.

Installation of Rubber Shockpad Base

Installation of a black rubber base in preparation for the final coloured EPDM layer.
Once the sub base and edges are installed and the take off boards in place, a rubber base is goes down in preparation for the final polymeric rubber athletics Surface. All materials used are porous to aid drainage and ensure the long jump can be used in all weathers. The free draining nature also allows the surface to be laid completely flat, ensuring that it is fit for purpose.

Polymeric Track For Long/Triple Jump

The final layer of EPDM rubberised surface in terracotta red (track red) which is a traditional colour for UK athletics surfaces which offers an extremely professional looking finish.

Polymeric athletics surface installed in traditional terracotta red for a professional finish.
The numbered multi lane design is a great way of splitting the facility up so it can be used by multiple users at the same time. This is very important for schools with larger classes and also to speed up proceedings at sports day.

Athletics Long Jump Surfaces in the UK

For more information on polymeric athletics long jump facilities along with other surface options, please get in touch using the contact form and we will be happy to offer some professional advice.

You can also find more information in relation to different types on our Long Jump Runway page.

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