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What Are Athletics Tracks?

At Soft Surfaces, we are often asked questions about athletics tracks and the different types of surfaces that are suitable for them.

Athletics Tracks Explained

Please see video below which explains athletic tracks in more detail .

Please see transcript below:

00:00 Hi guys. It’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here. Today we’re gonna be answering the question what are athletics tracks? Athletics tracks are essentially tracks that can be installed in schools, sports clubs, athletic clubs, colleges, and those kinds of places. They’re available in two different surface types. They’re going to be polymeric rubber or multi-sport synthetic turf. For more information about those surface types, just make sure to check our other videos.

00:19 These facilities are fantastic really for health and fitness. If you’re a school, or if you’re an athletics club, and they can be used for many different athletic events too so they’re very versatile. These surface types are available in many different colors, sizes, and specifications to suit your need. If there things you’d like on your surface that may different, or different colors, feel free to contact us about that and we can help you through that.

00:38 Here at Soft Surfaces, we have over 20 years of experience installing surfaces like this across the UK so I feel like we’re the right company to come to if you’re looking to have one installed. For any more information about this, please feel free to contact us at

For more information on what an athletics track is along with the range of surfaces available, please contact us for some friendly, professional advise.

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