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Rubber Tarmac School Outdoor Playground Flooring

Rubber Tarmac School Outdoor Playground Flooring is known to many within the industry as soft pour or wet pour safety surfaces. Wetpour rubber crumb surfacing is an all weather surface installed as a continuous seamless safety floor. It is always better to try and make the rubber tarmac school play area seamless because soft pour surfaces are prone to shrinking and expanding so to put joints in the area actually weakens the surface because gives more room for shrinkage to occur.

When the rubber tarmac safety flooring shrinks at the edges then it is easy to repair this with a perimeter band repair which we can cut back and resurface. Or alternatively we can supply a wetpour repair kit so that the client has a DIY kit to do the wetpour repairs themself.

School outdoor playgrounds are always designed and specified to meet the childrens and kids activities so the depth of rubber crumb installed needs to meet the CFH of the play ground equipment and this is basically tested by a HIC test which provides details of the platform height and how high children can fall off the platform without cuasing serious injury. We have all our safety surfaces tested to BE EN standards and this is essential that all contractors, suppliers and installers have this certificate.

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