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Wetpour Costs

As a front-runner in providing wetpour safety surfacing we endorse the link between quality and price. Therefore we provide high quality surfacing at a fair and rational cost maintaining a highly valuable competitive advantage. Setting realistic and affordable prices is the main principle of Soft Surfaces Ltd. Our estimating team has developed a customised pricing system, in order to meet needs and requirements of our customers and create thresholds for what ‘cost effective’ is.

Best Price for Wet Pour

We aim to offer the best price for wet pour surfacing across the United Kingdom. We are sure you won’t find a cheaper price for a like for like quote. Since we only make use of premium materials, you can be sure that we complete our installations to a top standard.

Creating a cost-effective quote for a rubber playground installation project can be described as – ‘How to get the best price and reduce wet pour costs for your development/job/project/blueprint.’ It’s important for us to help our customers fit within their own budget to ensure they get the play area safety surfacing they need at a price they can comfortably afford. This is particularly important when developing wetpour costs for organisations like schools and nurseries that have to stick to a specific budget.

How much does Wetpour Cost?

A number of things can alter the price of wetpour. One of the biggest factors which can alter the cost of wetpour is the size of the area. Obviously a bigger area will cost more than a smaller area, however, the rate per square metre will be cheaper for a larger area due to the economies of scale. Another thing that can have an effect on the price of wetpour is the colour. Black wetpour comes in at a cheaper price compared to colours as it doesn’t require a dying process.

If you have any further queries about the cost of wetpour surfacing, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Simply fill in the contact form and we will respond at the earliest time.

Wet Pour Rubber Cost per Square Metre

Using wetpour rubber flooring has a number of benefits when it comes to safety, design and children’s physical development. Here are a few of the key benefits of wet pour for outdoor areas:

The cost of wet pour rubber can seem expensive but over the lifetime of the product. The average cost per square metre is £29-39 per square metre excluding base works.

This can increase with different graphics and colour combinations.

We aim to give customers the best value for their money and make the pricing process as quick as possible. Therefore we require potential enquiries to be as informative as possible, containing necessary details like:

  • Location of project – Please provide us with the exact address of the project, this has an effect on the wetpour cost per square metre.
  • Access – Car parking or an approximate distance how close we get our mixer & van to the site, can our materials be delivered.
  • Storage– Whether we can store our materials, only if necessary.
  • Levels – Type of the surface, is it flat, sloped or even stepped?
  • Total area size in m² – Please state whether it’s one area or few different areas.
  • Total perimeter in linear meters of surfacing – We need to be able to calculate the number of materials we need as we’ll lay wetpour surfacing up to an edge.
  • Edge of surfacing – PCC, Timber, Chase Cut, Wall
  • Door Clearance, Gate Clearance
  • What’s the existing surfacing at present – Grass, Concrete, Tarmac, Rubber Tiles?
  • Drainage– Does the area collect water?
  • Manhole covers – Do they require to be recessed or simply overlaid?
  • Play equipment, graphics– Does the area require or have existing play equipment?
  • Colour of surfacing – Black, colour, mixed. Your choice of colours and graphics affects the wet pour costs for your playground facility.
  • Photos of the area – So we can get an idea of what the existing area looks like and what we’ll need to do in preparation.

We do understand that you might not have all the above information at hand, however, please do not hesitate to contact us through the enquiry form and we’ll get back to you with some more details with regards to wetpour costs. Our experienced estimators will still be able to provide you with a quote for any work you need. They’ll also offer advice on designs and specification for your playground safety surfacing.

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As specialist wet pour rubber suppliers we have completed numerous projects at schools and nurseries. To find out more about wetpour surfacing and to receive a quote, please fill in our enquiry form. Make sure to include the area size and your location so we can give an accurate price.

One of our team members will get back to you with some product sheet. We could also offer an estimate of costs for your playground facility. You can also take a look at the rest of our website to find out more about the various playground products.

We install wetpour surfacing nationwide in the UK and can offer competitive prices for both supply and installation of wet pour rubber crumb surfaces.

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