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Wetpour Installation in Llanelli, Wales

What was the specification? : Wet pour surfacing at 40mm depth

What colours were used? : Blue and Green EPDM with coloured graphics

What was the size of the job? : 82m²

How long did the job take?: 1 day on site

What sub base was used? : MOT Type 1 Stone

We have completely transformed the appearance of a playground in Llanelli, Wales with the installation of Rubber Crumb surfacing and coloured EPDM rubber graphics.

Wetpour Rubber Crumb Surfacing

The video below shows the installation process of wetpour and the laying of graphics.

Please see the video transcript below: 00:06 Hi, guys. It’s Tom from Soft Surfaces here. On this video, we’re going to be showing you a wetpour installation with graphics at School in Llanelli. The first thing we do for this is actually remove the old surface and then install the stone sub-base. So you can see that the old surface there is removed, ready for the sub-base to be fitted, and then the wetpour to go on top of that. So next step here’s the installation process for wetpour flooring itself. So you can see us actually adding the wetpour into the mixer there and also mixing it with a glue ready to be installed onto the surface. Wetpour is obviously a great surface type because it’s very customizable and it can be used for definitely different kind of colors and shapes and sizes, etc. So an example of that is actually these graphics we’re installing here. So you can see that they specified to have a crocodile hopscotch with a tiger on this one, obviously some butterflies, as well. Now finally for the final result with the graphics installed, you can see that the color looks really, really great, really stands out at the playground. Also, gives that educational use for the kids to be able to help with numeracy and all that kind of stuff during their play facility time really. It’s a very, very great install and the client is very happy with this one, as well. As we carry out a lot of installations in the Wales area, we actually currently rank in Google for these phrases: Llanelli nursery surfacing company, expert wetpour flooring contractors UK, Wales school playground installers, Llanelli play area repairs, UK green playground installation, and even more than that. So if you are interested in having one of these products installed, please just find our website in the description of this video, and you can find all the prices and specifications on there. Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you again soon.

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