Wet Pour Colour Options

With many different EPDM colour choices to choose from, the opportunities are endless when it comes adding colour to your wet pour area.


Soft Surfaces have been installing multi colour wetpour safety surfaces since 1997 and can help schools and colour choices.

Wetpour Colour Choices

Please watch the video below which explains the wetpour colour choices in more detail.


Please see video transcript below:


00:00 Hi, guys. It’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here. Today we’re going to be explaining the many Wetpour color options that we have available. Wetpour is actually one of the most customizable surfaces we have to offer and is available in many different graphic designs, shapes, and sizes. Wetpour is also available in a wide range of colors, and we’re going to show you all of them in this video.


00:19 Wetpour surfaces are actually available in pretty much every color you can think of, but some of the most popular are black, red, blue, green, purple, teal, and much more. Many of the colors that are available you can actually specify in completely different shades, for example, lighter greens to darker greens, so please feel free to ask us about this when enquiring.


00:55 Having a colorful wetpour facility can really help enhance your playground or area, which is great for schools and nurseries and many other locations.
Soft Surfaces Limited are specialists at installing Wetpour playgrounds and facilities across the United Kingdom, so we really feel like we’re the company to come to if you’re looking to have one installed. For any more information about this, please visit us at www.softsurfaces.co.uk.


Wet Pour Colours
Wet Pour Colours


For more information on wet pour colours, please get in contact today and a member of our team can offer some friendly advise, including UV stability of the different colours.