Wet Pour Prices

As we aim to give customers the best value for their money and make the pricing process as quick as possible. Our wetpour cost per square meter will depend on many factors. Therefore we require potential enquiries to be as informative as possible, containing necessary details like:  
  • Total area size in m²
  • Location of project
  • Access
  • Colour of surfacing
  • Existing Ground
Once our team has gathered sufficient information for each project they will provide a personal quote based on the results of each individual case. Such factors as area size are key in the quotation process as larger quantities and can receive larger amounts of discounts for the economies of scale. Other obstacles like arranging deliveries from suppliers to addresses cost more in certain harder to reach locations.  

Wetpour Costing Video Explanation

  Please see video transcript below:   00:00 Hi, guys, it’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here. Today, I’m going to be talking about wetpour prices. Wetpour is obviously an extremely popular surface type throughout the UK, used in many different locations. People, however, often come to us asking for set prices for this. However, there are many influencing factors. In this video, we’re going to break down all of the costs of wetpour. 00:20 The first and most obvious influencing factor for wetpour pricing is the size of the area. Obviously, if you have a much larger area to install wetpour on, it’s going to cost quite a bit more than if it’s a smaller area. 00:29 Secondly, there’s the color specification. Whilst we have many different colors to choose from, some colors do tend to cost more than others, meaning it can influence the final price. In addition to this, specifying different graphics and shapes for your wetpour surface can also influence the price, as some graphics will cost a lot more than just having a simple wetpour surface installed. 00:48 As well as this, the depth of the installation itself also influences the final cost of the wetpour surfacing, as the more depth required, the more money it’s generally going to cost. Finally, it also depends on how you have your wetpour surface installed, whether it’s a pathway, a playground surface, or a track, because, obviously, these differ in different size and specifications and can influence the final cost too. 01:10 Soft Surfaces Limited are specialists in wetpour surfacing and have over 20 years of experience installing them throughout the UK. If you’re interested in your pricing specifications, please feel free to contact us at www.softsurfaces.co.uk.  
Wet Pour Colours
Wet Pour Colours

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  Our team will be more than happy to provide more information on the supply of wetpour rubber granules. We will also offer details on the various colours we can supply. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.