Wet Pour Surfaces

Wetpour Installation in Tenterden, Kent

What was the specification? : Wetpour Surfacing What colours were used? : Yellow and blue What was the size of the job? : 90m² How long did the job take? : 2 days on site What sub base was used? : MOT Type 1 Stone

Wet Pour Play Area

The video below shows the installation of coloured wet pour surfacing around some timber play equipment.
Please see video transcript below:
00:03 Hi guys. It’s Don from self services here and on this video we’re gonna be showing you a wet pour, 50/50 mix design at school in Tenterden. So here for the actual preparation of the area, These guys wanted to kind of a ship based theme in the ocean. So what we did was we actually installed the wearing course around that wooden ship and then proceeded to install the blue EPDM rubber surface, which you can see in this photo.
Now guys for completed wet pour design, they were really, really happy with it. Obviously gives the kids a fun place to play. Also meeting the critical fall height standards required. Over the years, soft surfaces have began to rank in Google for these keywords: Tenterden School surfacing experts, wet pour flooring in Kent, play area company Ashford, best safety surface installer Kent, Ashford nursery school flooring, and even more than that.
So, if you are looking to have any prices or specifications of the job that we can install, please find the link to our website in the description of this video and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for watching guys, and we hope to hear from you soon.
Wetpour in Tenterden, Kent

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