Wet Pour Graphics

Playground surfaces and safety flooring can be transformed with our range of EPDM wet pour graphics. Using our range of coloured EPDM rubber, we can create a visually stunning rubber safety surfacing with a range of graphics packages which can easily be created within the safety surfacing. As rubber safety flooring is commonly installed in the UK to protect kids from trips and falls when playing outdoors and using equipment like climbing frames and swings, many schools and nurseries choose a bespoke design for their play area. Children also benefit from in situ activities to the playground surfaces such as hopscotch and other games, which are very popular and helps improve the children’s areas to exercise.


Our team would be more than happy to offer you more information on the various wet pour graphics we can install. We can provide you with details on colours, shapes and designs so please get in touch now for more details.

Wetpour Graphic Designs

The wetpour graphic designs we install can come in a wide range of specs, shapes and sizes, and we can even create bespoke graphics to suit a particular colour theme or logo that your organisation has. Many of the graphic designs that we have installed in the UK include educational games like roadways and letter and number activities, classic playground games like hopscotch, and colourful animals and characters that the children can interact with through various activities. The options are endless and you can completely customise a set of playground graphics to suit the requirements of the kids who will be using the playground. The graphics we supply and install are colourful and fun shapes and characters which are available in a range of sizes. The shapes, dimensions, design, specification can be tailor made to fit budgets, dimensions, funds, grants and prices that the customer needs to get within.

Wetpour EPDM Graphic Inserts

Our wetpour EPDM graphic inserts come as preformed shapes which are put together prior to the installation and then applied within the wearing course layer of wetpour rubber during the installation process. You can choose between a range of rubber crumb colours including red, green, blue, pink, and also blended colour designs as well. The whole look of the rubber playground surface can be completely personalised with wet pour graphics to suit kids of all ages, whether you’re a nursery, primary school or public park which caters for families of all ages, we can find the perfect design for you. Our range of EPDM wet pour graphics is extensive and our advice for wet pour safety flooring, safety surfacing, playground surfaces, roadway designs and EPDM wet pour graphics is free and we will be only too happy to talk you through the costs and various options and considerations for your scheme, so please contact us if you can’t see what you require.

The video below shows a project we recently completed to install a wetpour surface with a roadway design along with other play area graphics in Kilmarnock:

If you want to find out more about the installation of wetpour EPDM graphic inserts for your play area, please get in touch with us as our friendly team will be able to offer you some advice on designs, costs and installation for your playground safety surfacing. All of the wetpour rubber flooring we install has been fully tested to BS EN 1177 safety standards and meets the requirements of the NBS specification to ensure a top quality product which will protect kids as they play and learn through outdoor activities. You can also take a look around the rest of our website to find out more on the surface type that these wet pour graphics are made from and how we install rubber playground surfaces for a variety of organisations in the UK.

EPDM Rubber Graphics

EPDM rubber graphics are spongy and are also a safety surfacing which can be found in parks, play areas and educational organisations. Water can pass through the graphics easily due to the permeable qualities. The great thing about wet pour is that you can make your surface unique by including these graphical designs. It is possible to decide on a wide variety of different visuals. The graphical designs could be designed in different sizes and designs to satisfy your establishment.


Our graphics are not just installed to look good, they also give an exciting and an academic atmosphere for the kids. This is because number games, alphabets, hopscotches and many more may be set up. A common playground design would be road-ways together with classic activities. We can additionally set up EPDM rubber graphics that suit the school’s education program.

The wetpour inserts are pre made shapes. While installing the wearing layer wetpour surfacing, the inserts are positioned. The specifications for the wet pour graphics is continual and you will find plenty to choose between, if you have any designs you can think of then please recommend it. We understand not all facilities have the identical measurements or cash to pay out, we’re able to design and also fit the wet pour inserts to be suited to your organisation.

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