Wet Pour Repair Kits

Rubber safety surfacing is a common feature of play areas in the UK as the impact absorbing design helps to protect children and prevent injuries during play times and using different types of equipment. However the EPDM rubber surfacing can become damaged over time through exposure to sunlight and heavy use, so we can supply wet pour repair kits to help you fix minor damaged areas on the playground surface. If there is only a small localised area of damage to the rubber surfacing, it’s quite simple to fix this yourself and the DIY sets that we have will give you everything you must rectify the damage.


Please feel free to contact our team with regards to DIY repair kits. We will offer you additional details on the kits and a free quotation for the repair kits. Simply fill in the contact form provided and we will get back to you.

EPDM Maintenance Buckets

The wetpour repair kits have been prepared to mix the correct ratio of colour EPDM rubber crumb granules with polyurethane resin together. This is suitable to complete a wetpour repair for an area of up to 0.5m² at a depth of 15mm of wetpour wearing course. Each wet pour kit contains EPDM rubber granules available in various colours, please see our Colour EPDM chart within our product information. We sometimes recommend cutting around the damaged area in a shape of your choice and then filling it in with a different coloured rubber to the existing surface to create a coloured design, this is because the original rubber may have lost its colour slightly over time and would not match if a new application of the same colour was put down.

Be sure to fill in our contact form if you need a wet pour repair kit to fix areas of damage on your rubber playground surface. We’d be happy to send you over a set with all of the equipment you need.

Wetpour Repairs Kit Costs

The DIY bucket contains the following contents: EPDM rubber crumb, (SSPT) polyurethane Resin and polyurethane primer (SSPrimer) the latter comes with brush applicator. Also included is a pair of latex gloves which should be worn to protect hands. The container the wetpour repair kit is supplied in, also acts as a useful mixing container. Full installation instruction is on each mixing bucket and you can find out more about the wetpour repairs kit costs by contacting us through our enquiry form.

From this video you can see an example of a playground being repaired using the DIY kits. Our team would be more than happy to supply kits in a range of colours depending on your individual needs and requirements, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Wet Pour Liquid De-Icer

As well as the wet pour play surface repair kits, we can also supply liquid de-icer which can be put down onto the playground surface to prevent it from becoming slipper or icy during cold weather. This will ensure that the rubber surfacing does not become hazardous to the children and they can continue to play outside all year round. If you’d like us to send you a wetpour repair kit or some liquid de-icer please contact us and tell us your location and the size of the damage which needs to be fixed and we’ll supply you with a kit so you can fix the surface yourself. Our experienced staff members are always available to offer any advice you may need with regards to wetpour repairs kit costs or help with maintaining your existing surface so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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As specialist contractors we have been in the play surfacing industry for many years and have worked with numerous clients. Our team have completed projects for schools, nurseries and local councils to create fun and safe play areas for children. We always aim to provide the best quality products at good value prices to suit different budgets. If you’re in need of some advice on maintaining your play area surface or you are thinking about installing a new one, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Please make sure you look around the rest of our website if you’re interested in any of our other outdoor playground products. Also let us know if you need advice on maintenance, designs or costs for wetpour safety surfacing at your recreational facility. If you would like some further information on prices for our repair kits, please feel free to complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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