Wet Pour Safety Surfacing Bitmac Sub Base

Easifall have recently gone bust and are no longer trading which is a shame because they were a company with many years experience like ourself and we was asked to purchase the stock and materials left behind which we acquired and now own so anyone needing a wetpour surface can contact us on 01625 445760 or email info@softsurfaces.co.uk

Bitmac Sub Base

When using a Bitmac sub base it must be laid upon 100mm of compact type 1 MOT stone.  The site must be excavated to a depth of 150mm plus the required measurement for the wet pour surface. The Bitmac base is ideal surface to ensure the wet pour flooring is installed to a high specification as it is a porous substance allowing the drainage of any surface water which helps to prevent flooding and water damage.

This dramatically improves the overall maintenance of the wet pour safety surface which will save any unnecessary repair costs in the future. Once the sub base has been installed there is a variety of decorative features that can be installed along with the wearing course so you can add your own personal touch to the wet poor flooring. The amount of rubber shock pad entirely depends on the height of the equipment over the surface the higher the critical fall height, the thicker the shock pad must be.

The wet pour surface is mixed onsite and must be within 30 metres of where it is being laid due to the fast setting times. However, with this being said we advise that the area is not used for 48 hours after the laying has been completed. You may contact the Soft Surfaces team to get a full quote and view the pictures and colours of previous instalments.  Remember because of companies like easifall who are now no longer trading to make sure you credit check any play area companies to make sure they are financially stable.

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