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All Weather Pitches Standing Water, Flooding, Poor Draining?

All weather pitches – Standing Water, Flooding, Poor Draining is a common enquiry at present and the client or customer who has phoned through are puzzled to why an all weather pitch should be holding water, having to postpone games, has the sports pitch flooded and then when you ask them what maintenance is being carried out you get a puzzled reply. In a nutshell all artificial sports pitches need regular sports surfacing maintenance of making sure the surfacing is free from litter, infill is spread evenly and is cleaned from a maintenance contractor. If the latter isnt carried out then the dirt, debris and moss will build up contaminating the infill and the porosity will lose its merits causing the pitch to drain slowly or not at all. The minute the all weather pitch starts to hold water the moss growth accelerates and you really need to take out a rejuvenation or regeneration of the all weather pitch.

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