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Tennis Court Construction

Tennis facility construction project for a facility which is also utilised as a MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) for a variety of sports. The completed surface was a polymeric sports surface which is an all weather tennis court playing floor with sports line marking on for football, basketball and tennis.

Tennis Court Construction Specification

The EPDM polymeric rubber court construction was carried out onto an engineered macadam sub base which gives the surface a stable foundation. The polymeric surfacing was then created by mixing rubber crumb particles with a binder, this mixture was then laid onto the macadam base.

The final polymeric surface was completed in a two tone colour coating of red and green, this coating gives the slip resistance to meet the required playing characteristics. The full construction included the polymeric surfacing itself as well as sports floodlights which was to the standard of 200 lux, sports rebound fence which included a double gate, single gate and combination goal ends.

Below is a photo of our installers colour spraying the surface.

We’re a professional tennis facility construction and upkeep business, who have a wide array of understanding in regard to different sports surfaces and servicing. There’s a range of surface types available, be sure you research about the different variations which are available as well as that are best for you. Seeing that non-slip colour coating increases the traction of the facility, the safety qualities are improved.

Tennis Court Services

We offer a variety of services which include sports surfacing cleaning. Cleaning the court is really important in order that porous qualities will be kept. Moss together with algae might contaminate your facility and can contribute to floods and also waterlogging – to stop such damages, a chemical treatment can be applied.

Together with cleaning, we provide a number of additional maintenance services. Repainting can be needed, because paint in addition to line markings can fade, crack or even end up ruined with time resulting from repeated use. Repainting along with lining may be achieved to bring back the initial playing features of your surfacing and can as well make the surfacing look completely new.

Small fixes could be carried out simply by qualified professionals; this is the reason it is essential to look at your area for problems regularly. Full renovations can be achieved if the surface is beyond repair. Resurfacing is done when the original surface cannot be mended.

Along with multi use games area and tennis area construction, we also provide a number of maintenance services to help keep your new sports court in top condition once the installation is complete. These services include pressure washing, chemical treatments to prevent contamination and reapplication of anti slip coatings and line markings. Having this sort of regular maintenance carried out for your MUGA facility will help to maintain its performance characteristics and ensure that it’s safe for use by everyone.

Tennis Court Applications

Tennis court installers can apply a range of different paint coatings to your tennis court, depending on your specification and what you need. These paint coatings can all be applied in a range of colours (eg blue, red, green). Some of the different types include:

  • Acrylic non-slip coating – This ensures the safety characteristics of the court are maintained to reduce the risk of injury. This is especially important if the facility is being used by kids at a school or sports club.
  • Polyurethane spray coat – Enhances the surface with bright colours and increases durability and longevity. It also adds an anti-slip quality for safety.
  • Line marking – It is important to make sure that your tennis court has good quality, skid-resistant line-markings. This will ensure the best performance characteristics and most accurate game playing decisions.

Here you can see a video showing one of our full construction projects. The existing surface was a grass area which we fully excavated and installed tarmac onto:

The final facility is a multi-use space with line markings in different colours for tennis and other sports. We painted the whole area in green anti-slip paint, and the line markings are in white and yellow.

Maintenance For Tennis Facilities

It is important to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance on your artificial tennis court surface, this will ensure that your facility is kept in the best possible conditions to improve its durability and longevity and reduce future resurfacing costs. Cleaning and maintenance for tennis surfaces could include pressure washing to remove dirt and debris, along with moss and algae treatments.

We could also apply new spray coatings and immediate repairs to minor damage to prevent it from getting worse. Sports facility contractors can carry out sports surface testing to help determine the most appropriate type of maintenance for your tennis court.

Here at Soft Surfaces Ltd, we can assist you with every aspect of your tennis court surfacing project, including help with funding grants and spreading the costs. We can offer you professional advice about the construction and maintenance of your sports facility. We aim to give the best service for our clients at all times. Our tennis court contractors are experienced and have worked at various locations in the UK including schools, clubs and residential gardens.

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If you would like more information about tennis court construction or any other sports or play surfacing installation, please visit our website at where you can find examples of our previous projects. To discuss an enquiry, please fill in our contact form to let us know all the details. We will get back to you with quotes and prices for your sport or play surfacing project.

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Tennis Court Construction Cost

The cost to build a tennis court can vary depending on a number of different factors. One of the biggest factors which can affect the cost is the size of the facility you wish to install. Obviously it will cost more to install double courts than single courts. Another factor which can alter the price is the surfacing which you choose to have. You will find some surfacing will be much cheaper than others due to preparation works, price of materials, etc. For example polymeric surfaces need to be installed on macadam, whereas macadam courts do not need another layer. We can help you decide on the best flooring for you, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We have undertaken a huge number of construction projects at clubs and schools throughout the whole of the UK and we would be happy to help you with any enquiries you have. If you’d like to contact us about a sport surfacing project please fill in our contact form with as much information as possible and we’ll get back to you with some friendly advice about specifications and prices.

If you need any further information with regards to multi use games areas, playground surfaces, synthetic sports surfaces or any other sports or play facilities please visit our website at where you can see case study examples of our previous work.

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