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Professional Tennis Court Painting

We carry out professional tennis court painting for a range of facilities at schools, clubs and domestic homes. The paint acts as an anti-slip safeguard that fits both recreational and competitive specifications.

You can choose between a number of different colours and playing qualities to suit whatever you need for the court. Covering the area with a slip resistant coating is important even if the facility is just for recreational use.

It is designed to help you avoid injury which is important in both secondary and primary schools in particular.

Be sure to get in touch with our team if you’d like some more details about the professional painting services we can offer.

The costs for this work do vary depending on area sizes, location and existing ground conditions, so don’t hesitate to ask about our prices. We can gladly discuss your budget and send over a quote as soon as possible.

Anti Slip Coating Specification

The tennis court colour coating isn’t only designed to be beneficial for players, it also acts as a protective layer for the surfacing. By doing this it allows the flooring to withstand more use and wear and tear, meaning you can keep costs for maintenance to a minimum.

We’ll usually use an acrylic paint which has an aggregate mixed into it to create the anti slip qualities. The colourful non-slip paint installed by professional contractors also makes the facility look more aesthetically pleasing, rather than a plain, uninteresting surface.

You can choose from a wide range of colours for the main surfacing as well as the line markings for tennis and other activities.

Tennis Surface Paint Design

Your tennis court might be made from macadam, which is the industry name for tarmac and bitmac. This is a popular specification for school and domestic facilities as it is hard wearing and offers good ball bounce qualities.

If you have ones of these macadam surfaces, you can have it painted in a variety of colours. We can offer a range of options including a two tone court design, as well as contrasting line markings to make them stand out.

If you have an issue with the flooring being slippery, the best way to counter act these issues would be to clean the flooring with a high power washer. You could then have the surfacing re-painted and refurbished with professional tennis court painting. This will not only make your sport surfacing anti-slip, it’ll extend your sport surface’s life dramatically.

Take a look at this video which outlines the full process of specialist tennis surface painting. First the area is thoroughly cleaned to ensure there are no loose stones or debris:

Residential Tennis Court Colouring

Although there are many different companies who can do these works, Soft Surfaces Ltd are turnkey contractors as we contract, specify, design, budget and maintain these sports surfaces.

These surfaces are perfect for football, netball, tennis and basketball to name a few and the re application of the game lines and colour coatings is an essential part of these works.

Anti slip acrylic colour coating is also an essential part of the tennis court painting process, this ensures that the surface is safe for playing on in all weather conditions which helps to prevent injury.

For more information, please contact us today.

Sport Surface Painting Specialists

Our team of experts have completed many projects for schools, community clubs and homeowners. We can provide a number of design options to suit your budget and the standards of play you need.

You can choose from many different colour choices, and select slip resistance ratings for either competitive or recreational use. If you are interested in playing lots of different sports on the same space, you might even want to create a multi use facility.

This can be done by simply adding more line markings in different colours for other sports. Netball and basketball are popular activities which can also be played on a hard sports court surface.

Multi use games areas like this are very common in schools as it means you only have to have one area but it can be used for lots of sports and games.

We offer professional tennis court painting services at a fair and cheap price, however best value is our main goal so we don’t cut corners in our work. The paint as well as the surface is designed to withstand all weathers.

We’re also a specialist tennis court construction company too, so be sure to check out that page for more info on our construction work.

To get a quote for your own courts please complete our enquiry so we can outline all the installation techniques, sport surfacing specifications and costs to hopefully fit within your budget.

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