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Reasons Why All Weather Pitch Surfacing Gets Waterlogged and Flooded

There are many reasons why all weather pitch surfacing gets waterlogged and flooded and the first finger pointed is to the sports construction company who built the pitch. This is because the drainage system which has been put in might not be adequate and could be unsuitable for a particular climate if there is lots of rain therefore causing water to build up on the pitch surface. However the sports surface drainage problems are often due to a lack of maintenance which leads the sand and rubber infill to become contaminated or compacted.

My explanation on this is to compare the synthetic sports pitch to a bath with a plug hole to let the water to run out of the bath so that it never holds any water. Once the contractors have built the bath and the water runs out nicely everything seems fine. Well years down the line if you were to throw a load of mud into the bath and let it build up clogging the plug hole then over years the bath would stop letting the water drain away.

A similar thing happens when all weather pitch surfacing gets waterlogged as dirt and debris get stuck within the pores of the surface and block them up, preventing water from draining away.

Synthetic Grass Pitch Maintenance

In a nutshell regular maintenance is needed and the number one killer for these pitches is badly maintained systems where companies come and just drag brush the existing contaminated infill around the pitch and then throw some new silica sand on top to make it look nice. This type of maintenance doesn’t really help the sports pitch and it still requires a deep clean and rejuvenation.

After 7-10 years of the all weather pitch a rejuvenation maintenance visit is advised which includes removing the dirty sand from the sand filled synthetic turf pitch and replacing with new which gets rid of all the moss, algae and algal squidge which has built up and makes the all weather pitch drain freely again. Having this process carried out improves the performance qualities of the surface as well as preventing artificial grass flooding.

When Your All Weather Pitch Surfacing Gets Waterlogged

If your all weather pitch surfacing gets waterlogged and flooded on a regular basis and the playing qualities have become poor, you need to have the area deep cleaned or rejuvenated to make it safe and enjoyable to use again.

We have carried out this sort of work at synthetic grass pitches all over the UK so please contact us through our enquiry form with an area size and post code of your sports pitch facility so we can give you an accurate price quotation. You can also look at our website on to find out more about the other services we have available as well as all of the products we can supply and install.

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