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Benefits of Artificial Clay Tennis Court Surfacing

ClayCourt Pro is the premium artificial clay tennis court surface specification with all the playing characteristics of natural clay but without all the heavy and costly maintenance requirements.

The system used is ITF approved category 2 medium/slow pace. So what are the advantages of ClayCourt Pro artificial clay tennis courts?

  • Looks like natural clay tennis court surfaces with the same colour infill used and ball marks visible making it aesthetically appealing on the eye.
  • Slides like natural clay surfacing which is crucial as part of the design in this innovative ClayCourt Pro product because creating the perfect sliding specification is paramount to clay surfaces.
  • Plays like natural clay tennis courts as it provides the surface speed, bounce and player comfort tennis players expect from a clay tennis surface.
  • ITF category 2 endorsed artificial clay tennis court surface specification stimulates natural clay and has been tested to meet the ITF classified court pace 2 medium/slow.
  • An unbound surface resulting in less muscle stress which is great for tennis players because it reduces the risk of injuries which are linked with hard-surfaced courts.
  • Low maintenance surfacing which is key as it makes the sustainability of the courts easier and helps to lower the overall costs of running the facility.
  • All weather surface and the porous system prevents the limitations that cushioned acrylic surfaces, natural clay surfacing or natural grass with varying climate conditions. The ClayCourt Pro has been designed to not compact and its rapid drainage qualities allow play to commence during all weather conditions without the surface being affected.
  • A consistent year-round playing surface as the artificial clay tennis court material is made up of two components which are synthetic carpet and sand infill.
  • Suitability for all indoor tennis requirements as during the design process of the premium ClayCourt Pro we had to consider both indoor and outdoor usage so as the specification is sand infilled then it does not need to be watered and unlike the sliding on natural clay this specification creates no dust from the players sliding.
  • Line markings are inlaid to the artificial clay tennis courts making this element maintenance free and therefore saving tennis clubs on the heavy maintenance costs compared to natural clay surfacing.
  • No watering and no dust is a big advantage because this eliminates the high irrigation costs of regularly having the tennis courts watered to enable first class playability. As the synthetic clay courts are sand infilled this means the no dust element is great for indoor clubs.
Tennis Court Repair Painting Maintenance

Historically clay tennis courts have been referred to as very expensive on the running costs and require extensive maintenance procedures compared to other tennis court surfacing specifications to enable first-class play. However the ClayCourt Pro innovative artificial clay tennis court specification now gives all clubs a totally different angle. This is because clay surfacing is a premium tennis flooring option and your club can’t afford not to have one with this statistic below transforming your players into champions:-

88 percent – The percent of top 10 players who learned to play on clay

Compared to…

12 percent – The percentage of top 10 players who learned to play on hard court

Now we have explained the advantages of artificial clay tennis courts you could ask the question why ClayCourt Pro as opposed to other specifications? Well ClayCourt Pro has been designed over a number of years and the synthetic carpet is a curly yarn which we feel is a premium system as it allows the sand to be encapsulated within the fibres, this adds stability and accurate levels to the overall playing surface.

The sand infill used is terracotta colour to match natural clay and this is produced by an intense heating and baking process which bakes the sand grains to replicate the accurate colour. This process is much higher quality than colour coating because it ensures the retention of its colour and gives great UV stability for the finished product.

Baking the sand to give the brightly coloured appearance is a much better method than dying it as no colour will come off and permanently stain clothes which can often happen with the dyed sand. The sand specification is also carefully selected as it offers a load bearing capability, provides slip resistance and the shape of the sand grains aids drainage values helping the surface to drain rapidly so the all-weather clay courts are playable all year round.

Below you can see a video of our team installing a synthetic clay surface from start to finish:

If you think a brand new artificial clay tennis court would be right for your club, or you have an existing court which needs a makeover, please let us know by filling in our enquiry form. We’ll reply back to you with some information regarding costs and quotes for the installation or resurfacing of a synthetic clay tennis court facility.

You can also find out more about the other products and services we have on offer by visiting our website at which has examples of the work we carry out all over the UK.

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