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Sports Surface Construction

We carry out sports surface construction jobs across the UK to an excellent high standard. We can install a variety of sport pitches for each activity; the sports that we build surfaces for are football, rugby, tennis, multisports, netball, basketball and hockey. With our amount of experience we can create a design specification which is unique for your organisation and meets your specific requirements for the sports which you will be playing. The surface materials which we install are macadam, polymeric, sand dressed, sand filled, needlepunch and 3G pitch construction to name a few.

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Installing Sports Pitch Facilities

The first part of installing sports pitch facilities is creating the design using the required NBS specification. Then the groundworks can begin, this involves excavating the existing surfaces and preparing to build the new facility. For most projects we’ll install a geotextile membrane, this prevents weeds growing through the surface.

We then apply the sub base; this can be either a dynamic or engineered sub base and is dependent on the specification and the sports you want to play. After the foundations have been set, a shock pad can sometimes be placed over the top. This is to prevent injuries and improve the experience for players during sports like football and rugby.

Once these processes are complete, we install the specific flooring type All the surfaces that we install are porous and can be used in all types of weather to create a versatile outdoor area. Many surface types we have available can be used for multipurpose facilities, take a look at this page – for information on multi use games areas.

Before the sports surface construction begins, we speak to the clients about the type of sports and activities they will be playing, what standards they play to and the budget they have for their project. Then prior to making the sport facility specification, we also take measurements of the size and dimensions of their surface as well as taking the existing surface condition into account. When we have gathered all of our information, we then design a specification that will suit the requirements that the client is looking for, whether it’s a school, college, club or private sport facility.

When this is complete, the client will look and check it over just to make sure this is what they want. After this process, the full construction work can start. If you’re unsure on where to start with planning a sport pitch construction, please fill in our simple contact form to speak to a member of our team. We can guide you through the process by helping with costs, designs and the complete installation so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

When the sports surface construction is complete, the only thing left to do is add extra equipment and accessories. This can include fencing, floodlighting, ball stop netting and maintenance equipment, all of these extra accessories allow you to make the most out of your surface and enjoy your new facility.

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MUGA Surface Construction

Each of the surface materials that we specialise in has a range of different performance qualities. This means they work best for individual sports.

  • Macadam is great for tennis and netball as it is a relatively cheap and durable flooring option.
  • Polymeric rubber is used for tennis and multi use games areas, as well as other facilities like athletics tracks and long jump runways.
  • 2G sand dressed and sand filled synthetic turf specifications are installed for football and hockey. They have the right playing qualities and ball roll requirements.
  • Needlepunch is popular for multiple sports and organisations who are looking for an all purpose facility. It is soft and doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance.

Our team can help you choose the best type of surface prior to the MUGA surface construction. We can tell you which surfacing types will be best for the sports you wish to play and which are within your spending budget. If you have any questions regarding the construction process of a multi use sport area please complete the contact form now and we will respond right away.

How to Install Sport Surfaces

If you’re wondering how to install sport surfaces, it really depends on what surface you wish to have installed and what sports you are going to be playing on the area. The first step of the construction is to carry out all the necessary groundworks. This may include digging up and disposing of the existing surface and laying down a new sub base. We will typically install MOT type 1 stone to the required depth followed by a geotextile membrane and a macadam sub base.

If you are having a macadam sport surface, you won’t need to install any more surfacing types. Instead, you may decide to paint the surface with acrylic non slip paint and apply line markings. However, if you decide to have a different finish you will need to install this prior to installing line-markings. The other surfaces you may want to install include polymeric surfacing, artificial grass and needlepunch.

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3G Synthetic Turf Pitch Installation

The 3G artificial grass specification is ideal for football and rugby as it provides the most similar performance qualities to natural grass. This video outlines the process of a new 3G synthetic turf pitch installation at a school in London:

When installing sport pitch facilities, it is vital that you have professionals carrying out the job. This is to ensure that your organisation’s facilities are in safe hands and you will end up with the sports pitch you want and a surface that you can enjoy and be proud of. Please contact us through the enquiry form on this page if you’d like more information on our services. We’ll send you over some product details and an idea of costs for your project.

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