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Rubber Golf Pathway Installation in Prestbury

EPDM surfacing is a popular choice for many outdoor areas, we recently used it for a rubber golf pathway installation in Prestbury. The existing walkway throughout the golf course consisted of a simple muddy path with timber edgings around the whole area. This became unsuitable as it got waterlogged in wet weather and did not fit in with the rest of the outdoor features at the club.

The client chose to have the path area resurfaced with a specialist EPDM rubber surface type to create a safe and comfortable walkway which visitors could enjoy using. This specification was chosen to create a great improvement on the existing area as it was covered in loose stones and dirt. If you have an outdoor path which is in poor condition and needs resurfacing, get in touch with us today through our contact form to discuss the costs.

To begin the walkway surface construction, we first had to clear the area and get rid of all the dirt and mud which was on the original path. Next we completed the groundworks and laid out a dynamic stone sub base that made up the foundations of the rubber golf pathway installation. This sub base is popular for outdoor spaces like sports courts and playgrounds because it provides strength and also permeability which helps to aid drainage. This is because the stones themselves are porous, and the gaps between them let water pass through easily to keep the surface free from puddles.

After our installers had completed the sub base and groundworks, they moved onto laying out the rubber surfacing itself. The chosen EPDM safety surface consists of two layers which work together as an advanced system. The first layer that we installed onto the golf course path was an SBR base course which gives the surfacing its safety qualities. SBR rubber is mixed with a binder and then laid out onto the prepared sub base to act as a shockpad. Other areas which have this type of surface installed are playgrounds and recreational facilities. This is because the shockpad can absorb impact and prevent injuries, therefore, protecting children playing on the area.

The final part of this rubber golf pathway installation was to apply the second layer of surfacing. This consists of EPDM rubber granules combined with a specialist glue and poured onto the pre-laid SBR base. For this particular project the client chose the ‘earth blend’ coloured rubber, this is a mixture of brown, yellow and eggshell crumb. By choosing this design, the rubber golf pathway now has a natural appearance which is in keeping with the rest of the club but is also safe and comfortable for users to walk on.

The image above shows the completed pathway after the whole installation process was finished. When the rubber surfacing had cured and the project was done, staff and visitors at the golf club in Prestbury were very happy with the new walkway as it looks great and can be used safely all year round. The porous nature of this surface type means that it is suitable for use even in wet weather without becoming slippery or flooded.

Take a look at this video which goes through the whole construction project from start to finish so you can see the work which was carried out for this golf club pathway:

We have completed many projects at clubs and leisure facilities to install different types of pathway surfaces and outdoor facilities. Our team of specialists would be happy to offer you any advice you need with regards to the designs, surface types and costs for installing a walkway like this one. We can also create designs for other path surfaces including resin bound stone and rubber mulch so don’t hesitate to ask if you are interested in one of these. Fill in our short enuqiry form today and someone from our head office will be in touch to offer more details on the prices, specifications and designs for rubber golf pathway installation at your facility.

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