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Waterlogged Synthetic All Weather Pitch Solutions

Over time, and without an adequate maintenance schedule, artificial grass sports pitches can start to lose their porosity and begin holding water. This can have a detrimental effect on the performance qualities of the sport surface and can also make it unsafe for use. Waterlogged synthetic all weather pitch solutions are a corrective maintenance process that basically cleans or extracts the contaminated infill from the artificial carpet and restores the surface back to its original performance capabilities.

Waterlogged Synthetic All Weather Pitch

Synthetic 2G or 3G all weather sports pitches can become flooded and waterlogged for all kids of reasons, however the most common reasons are compaction and contamination of the sand and rubber infill layer due to a lack of proper maintenance. The sand infill of a 2G sports pitch and the rubber infill of a 3G sports pitch is installed to enhance the overall performance quality of the artificial all weather surfacing. Installed deep within the grass pile, the sand and rubber keeps the turf fibres upright and improves how the surface plays during training sessions and competitive matches. If the sports pitch infill is not looked after properly it can become compacted, where the particles get stuck together within the synthetic grass surfacing and cause the system to lose its porosity. The sand and rubber infill layers can also become contaminated by moss and algae which grows within the artificial turf surface if it is not kept clean, this also leads to a loss of porosity in the artificial sports pitch system. Once the artificial sports grass has compaction and contamination within the infill which is moss, algae and algal squidge then it starts to slow down the drainage leading to a waterlogged synthetic all weather pitch. With poor drainage the artificial sports pitches start to hold water and any surfaces with standing water makes the sports flooring become dangerous, slippery and loses its ‘all weather’ capabilities. A sports surface regeneration, restoration or all weather pitch rejuvenation helps get the MUGA court, full sized hockey pitch, full size football field or training pitches get back to almost ‘as new’ where the drainage allows any rainwater to flow through the surfacing as the full construction should be porous. Synthetic turf sports pitch rejuvenation involved extracting the dirty and contaminated sand and rubber infill and replacing it with a clean new layer. This brings back the permeability of the surface and improves the performance characteristics for players.

Artificial Sports Grass Maintenance

In order to keep your synthetic turf pitch safe and performing well, it’s important to carry out cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis to prevent it from becoming contaminated and waterlogged. This could be as simple as regular drag brushing and getting rid of any debris from the surface to prevent it from making the grass fibres dirty. However if the artificial grass becomes damaged or starts holding water, it may be necessary to carry out more maintenance such as repairs and rejuvenation to bring back to original safety and performance qualities. If you would like any costs on deep cleaning maintenance schedules, rejuvenations, regenerating or even resurfacing of your sports surfaces all weather pitch then please use our contact form to tell us about your enquiry.

Alternatively you can visit our website on which will have several blogs showing the details as to why your pitch might not be making most of its full potential. Please let us know if you have any questions about a waterlogged synthetic all weather pitch or any other sport surfacing maintenance issues. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

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