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Adidas Polymeric Installation in Keir Hardie, London

What was the specification? : Polymeric Structural Spray
What colours were used? : Blue, green, black and in different shades.
What was the size of the job? : 732m²
How long did the job take? : 8 day on site
What sub-base was used? : Open textured macadam

We have installed a polymeric MUGA sports court in London with the Adidas Logo. We are able to meet a range of needs and requirements, so if you have a logo you would like on your sports court, make sure to let us know. Our MUGA specifications can be altered specifically to meet your needs and requirements.

Polymeric Sports Surfacing

From the video below, you will see the installation process of this sports facility. If you are looking for something similar, just let us know!

See video transcript below:

00:06 Hi, you guys. It’s Dan from Soft Surfaces here, and on today’s video, we’re going to be showing you a MUGA court installation for Adidas.

So as you can see here are the before photos. It was originally a very worn-out tarmacadam surface, but then actually installed the shock pad installation, which is a 10-millimetre specification. You can see us doing that here.

And once that’s done it’s ready for the 3-millimetre spray polymeric design to be applied. You can see us applying that around the line-markings there. This is available in many different colours, specifications, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in understanding more about this surface.

Finally, once it’s all applied and the line mark is down and the markings are in, you can see the completed project there. Looks really, really great. I mean we completely transformed this surface into a very nice branded surface. It’s much better to play various sports, such as netball, basketball, football, etc., and yeah, they were just really, really pleased with the installation overall.

Here at Soft Surfaces, we’re regularly being found in Google for these key phrases: “sports pitch flooring installers the UK,” “multi-use games area specialists,” “multipurpose sports surface construction,” “UK football and basketball pitch builders,” “best games facility installation company,” and even more than that.

So if you are interested to find out more about the prices or specifications of what we can install, just find our website in the description of this video.


Thanks for watching, guys, and we’ll see you at the next one.

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