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Tennis Court Maintenance Deep Clean and Recolouring

If you have a tennis court it’s important to keep it properly looked after, whether it’s for recreational use or competitive matches. Having an appropriate tennis court maintenance and surface cleaning schedule will help you to make sure the court looks great and is both safe and suitable for use by players. We recently did a thorough deep cleaning and recolouring process to an existing macadam tennis court in Manchester which had suffered a lot of damage and contamination from moss and algae.

Tennis Court Maintenance Jet Wash

As you can see from the picture above, this particular tennis court facility was in very bad condition and had moss growing all over the surface. This made the sports court unsuitable for use as is was slippery and the blocked pores in the macadam meant that water couldn’t drain away so the surface became flooded in wet weather. The first process of this tennis court maintenance job was to jet wash the surface with a specialist cleaning agent to clear away the moss and dirt that had become stuck to the court. This type of cleaning process should only be done by an experienced professional contractor to ensure that no damage is done to the sports court by the high pressure of the water. Once the thoroughly clean was done to the tennis court flooring, the original macadam surface could be seen once again without all of the dirt and moss covering it up.

Tennis Surface Recolouring

When we’d thoroughly cleaned the area using a pressure washing tennis court maintenance method, we could then apply a brand new layer of colour coating paint. This specialist acrylic paint is designed to have anti-slip qualities as it’s mixed with a combination of sand and aluminium oxide to create friction on the sports court surface. Having improved anti-slip characteristics means that the tennis court will be safer for players and also create better playing qualities in matches.

For this project, the client chose to have their tennis court painted with blue acrylic paint on the central court area and green around the outside for the runoff. We then applied new tennis line markings in white to create an accurate scoring marker for competitive matches and training. The completed surface has a vibrant new colour with greatly improved performance qualities which can be enjoyed for a long time with regular proactive maintenance.

Dirty Tennis Court Problems

There are a number of problems that can occur if you don’t look after your tennis court surface properly with regular care and maintenance. For example dirt, litter, leaves and other decaying organic matter can get stuck within the voids and pores of the open textured macadam surface and stop water from draining through. This means that any water will then sit on top of the tennis court surface and make it waterlogged and slippery.

If this problem continues for a long time, moss and algae can start to grow which affects the appearance of the sports facility as well as making it even more slippery and potentially dangerous for anyone who uses it. It can be difficult to know if your sports court needs resurfacing or cleaning, but our team can advise you on the best solutions.

If your tennis court is holding water, not performing well or has moss growing on the surface, please get in touch with us so we can offer you the best type of tennis court maintenance to fix the problem. You can visit our website at to find out more about the sports court services we specialise in, or fill in our contact form so we can send you some more information and a price quote for your project.

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