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Impermeable Cushioned Acrylic Tennis Courts

Impermeable cushioned acrylic tennis courts are installed to falls as the surface is not porous and therefore water will be held on top of the surface if it isnt installed to the correct falls. The tennis court construction is carried out by many contractors throughout the UK all of whom use different sub page build ups to suit the project.

General specifications on tennis court groundworks is the excavation, stone backfill which is installed within the new edges installed, a bitmac tarmac surface and then a squeegee applied colour coating. The bitmac also known as macadam or tarmac on most mugas usually needs to be an open textured porous macadam because of the bad weather the UK receives however on these tennis courts and multi use games areas MUGAs then the macadam surface doesnt have to be porous as the pores wil be closed up by the acrylic cushioned anti slip paint for sports surfaces.

For further details on this type of impermeable colour coating for sports surfaces then please call our head office on 01625 445760.

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