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Refurbishing Synthetic Grass All Weather Pitches With Rejuvenation

Synthetic grass sports pitches are normally sand filled, sand dressed or 3G artificial all weather Astroturf grass pitches which are designed for multi sport use like football, tennis and hockey. This specialist STP / AWP sports pitch can be designed and constructed to suit almost any dimension and area size such as 41m x 21m and 104m x 64m and they can often be seen in areas such as schools, sports clubs and playground areas and they are often known as MUGAs or ballcourt areas.

These sports pitches require regular and periodic maintenance to ensure that they remain in pristine playing condition and to ensure that they are safe to the public to use and a common problem on these systems is the occurrence of contaminated sand infill. The sand infill can become contaminated when algal squidge, sporn, mud and dirt is not properly removed and over time, this can have a profound effect on the MUGA. Poor porosity, a lack of drainage, surface flooding and the surface being slippy are all consequences of this algal squidge and it needs to be rejuvenated, renovated, removed and upgraded.

This requires the contaminated sand to be removed and replaced with clean washed silica sand and after this procedure has taken place, the surface should play as normal. This sand removal can take place with 2 methods – the air compressor at an angle to the carpet fibres and a standard jet wash and Soft Surfaces Ltd recommend the air compressor as a jet wash system may put the algal squidge back to the bottom of the carpet fibres instead of them being removed. There is also a standard specification when it comes to the installation of the new sand. Sand dressed systems are 15 – 19mm depth and sand filled is 20 – 24mm depth.

There are also Astroturf repairs that can take place. Patch repairs, perimeter repairs, seam and joint repairs and game line rejuvenations and revitalisations are also popular with these surfaces. Please call Soft Surfaces Ltd on 01625 445760.

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