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Synthetic Grass Sports Surface Rejuvenation

Synthetic Grass Sports Surface Rejuvenation quotes are inclusive of extracting contaminated sand infill which can be removed from site or spread to a mutually convenient location on site. The costs work out to be cheaper if we can spread the extracted sand infill on site and also actually benefit natural turf pitches to have sand spread on the football or rugby pitches.

The sports surface rejuvenation maintenance visit can be carried out in most weather conditions and dependent on size usually takes between 1-3 weeks on site whether it is a full sized hockey field to multi use games area sand filled synthetic turf MUGA.

Rejuvenating the sports surfacing is also known to the public as refurbishment, restoration or revitalisation and all generally carry out the same works which include sweeping the entire area, removing surface debris before extracting the silica sand. If it is dry conditions then moisture to the surface is applied which helps the air compressor to extract the sand infill from the carpet at an average depth of approx 11-14mm. All the seams and joints are tested and checked with any repairs to the artificial grass carried out prior to installing new silica sand to the synthetic grass sports surface flooring.

If you would like further details, specifications or quotations on the rejuvenation of the sports surfaces please 01625445760 or use our contact form so we can explain the air compressed rejuvenation maintenance procedures.

Why Air Compressed Rejuvenation?

Rejuvenation is normally carried out on full-sized synthetic grass surfaces and is designed to remove contaminated infill from the pile of the sports surface. Typically it is only the top 10mm of infill which becomes contaminated and forms a hard impervious top layer when it dries leaving the lower infill in good condition. This creates diminished playing characteristics and poor drainage, which then creates an ideal breeding ground for moss and algae to grow rapidly.

We use compressed air for our astroturf rejuvenation projects because the jets of air can be angled in such a way that it only removes the top 10-12mm of the infill. This then gets lifted and removed from the pile. This then reveals the lower good infill for careful inspection where all the seams are also checked and repaired as required. Using compressed air also aerates the lower infill which further improves drainage and playing characteristics.

Other systems of rejuvenation that use water jets, Power Washing, jet washing. These water based rejuvenations methods may initially appear to remove the infill, but the process initially softens the contaminated infill and then drives a proportion of this contaminated infill, deeper into the lower ‘good infill’ as well as it soaking through it as the water drains away. Introducing contaminated infill to good infill, will ultimately reduce the longevity of the surface.

If you require any further information on the prices, costs or quotes of the sports pitch restoration then please contact us via out enquiry form or visit our website on for details on specification, product sheets or case studies of our work.

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