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Synthetic Sports Pitches Corrective Maintenance Services

Synthetic sports pitches corrective maintenance services are needed to astroturf all weather pitches throughout the UK and this visit is speeded up when no maintenance is carried out. Reports show that sports surface rejuvenations, regenerating all weather pitches and restoration of sports surfacing is usually carried out after 8-10 years of the life of the artificial grass but without regular maintenance this could be less than half that.

Therefore regular maintenance is always advised because even though the school, university, college or sports club might think they are saving a small amount each year not paying for maintenance it quickly comes back to haunt them when they have to take out a corrective maintenance visit because their all weather pitch is flooding, waterlogged, holding water and basically needing to cancel and postpone games on the sports facility. Postponement of all weather pitches and cancelling games are generally because of lack of maintenance and then the sports pitch is out of use for 2-3 weeks until the rejuvenation, regeneration or even resurfacing is carried out to the all weather sports pitch facility. If you are having problems with your all weather pitches or need a regular maintenance contractor please call 01625445760 or visit our website for more details about corrective maintenance options.

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