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Waterlogged Artificial Synthetic Turf Sports Pitches

Waterlogged Artificial Synthetic Turf Sports Pitches are a common problem in the UK at the moment. These issues can lead to facilities being unsafe for use and therefore losing money. If the area is at a school it can mean lessons and clubs have to be called off as well. So many people architects, designers, customers and general public are asking why?

Lack of Pitch Maintenance

The main reason for this is the lack of sports pitch maintenance procedures the facility is putting in place. While synthetic turf sport fields are porous, if they don’t stay clean these properties can be lost. Over time dirt and debris will get stuck in the pores of the carpet and clog it up. This then means during heavy rain the water won’t pass through. Instead it will sit on the surface leading to flooding. Many organisations such as schools and clubs don’t have a regular sports facility maintenance schedule in place for their sports pitches. Failing to keep the area clean will result in problems with drainage and ongoing issues with flooding. We offer a number of services to help keep the area free from contaminants and make sure it drains properly.

How to Prevent Pitch Flooding

Every sand filled synthetic turf all weather pitch should have a proper maintenance schedule set out. This does not just mean a simple drag brush and installing new sand to the top of the carpet. While it’s good to regularly brush the area and keep the infill well distributed, over time this won’t be enough. After a while, it’s likely that the pitch will require a full rejuvenation maintenance system. This process basically takes out all the contaminated silica sand and replaces with a new application of sand. This therefore aids the drainage and therefore any flooding. Take a look at the video below to see our team completing a rejuvenation for a waterlogged all weather pitch:

The last thing any sports facility wants is for their all weather pitch to be out of use. This can have a negative effect on income which is easily avoided with the correct maintenance.

Find Out More

Feel free to get in touch with our team today if you’d like to find out more on what we do. There are plenty of ways we can help with waterlogged artificial synthetic turf sports pitches. In many cases the area will require a simple deep clean and rejuvenation. If the facility is in a particularly bad condition it may need a full resurface. We’ll take a look and offer a quote for the most cost effective solution. Simply get in touch through our contact form and we’d be happy to help straight away.

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