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Why Is My Synthetic All Weather Pitch Holding Water and Flooding?

Why is my synthetic all-weather pitch holding water and flooding is a common question by many sports clubs and leisure centres in the UK and the first reply to this is what maintenance are you currently carrying out and do you know what type of maintenance services they are doing. Many maintenance visits in the UK consist of a tractor pulling a drag brush around and topping up sand to the top of the sports surfacing which people you might be shocked to find out is wrong. Why is this wrong you might ask and basically this is because every artificial sports pitch and synthetic all-weather pitch inevitably will get a build-up of contamination which could be sporns, moss, algae and algal squidge. This build up clogs the infill and makes the surfacing poor draining hence the holding water.

So what maintenance should be carried out? The maintenance contractor needs to try his best to remove the contaminated infill or clean this regularly to extend the lifespan of the pitch and not just throw new sand on top of the contaminated infill because this won’t solve any problems whatsoever. It is inevitable that after 8-10 years you will need to have a sports surfacing rejuvenation which will remove and replace the existing infill making the drainage back to new but without regular maintenance or correct maintenance, this process could be needed in as little as 5 years. For further details, product sheets or costs on the different types of maintenance please ring 01625445760 or visit our website.

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