Sports Pitch Surfacing

Every sports pitch surfacing project we complete is different and varies for each organisation. Before installing a sport facility, we speak to them and create a unique design specification with them. This is made from various factors, including the type of sports they want to play upon the surface, the size and dimensions of your area, existing surface condition, facility access and the organisation’s budget.

With all of this information gathered together, we may customise a sports surface design specification which is suitable for the facility and one which the client will be proud to have. The types of sports pitch surfacing which we may install and also carry out maintenance on includes:

  • 3G artificial grass
  • 2G sand dressed
  • 2G sand filled
  • Needlepunch synthetic turf
  • Polymeric rubber
  • Macadam

Our team have completed a range of projects involving these different products. The costs for each one can vary depending on many factors. Please feel free to get in touch if you need more advice on pricing or designs.

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Each one of these surface materials has a range of performance characteristics and is better for different activities. 3G artificial grass is ideal for football and rugby, as it resembles natural grass and this is what these sports are normally performed on. 2G sand turf is good for hockey and football, needlepunch surfaces are normally used for multi use games areas, polymeric is great for tennis and macadam may also be used for tennis, as well as netball and basketball, this is because it gives the right amount of ball bounce on the surface.

As well as the sport pitches, we also install and can carry out maintenance for athletic surfaces, such as long jump runways, high jumps and triple jumps. The most common type of surface used for athletic tracks is polymeric rubber because it provides ideal performance qualities for a range of athletic events.

Sports Facility Surfaces

Our sports facility surfaces are all installed by professionals, this ensures your organisation that we know what we are doing. We will install a high quality sport surface for you to use and be happy with. As we have carried out our services across the UK, this has enabled us to have a large amount of experience and knowledge. When sport facility surfaces are installed, we always explain to the organisation about the importance of carrying out regular sport surface maintenance, having a maintenance plan and being proactive with the pitch cleaning.

There are two types of maintenance; these are proactive and reactive. You can complete proactive maintenance to prevent the surface sustaining damage, and to keep it in excellent condition. Reactive maintenance is needed to fix damages; this can include repairs and rejuvenations. We carry out both forms of maintenance for all the sport courts which we install and even on existing surfaces. If you need guidance regarding the type of cleaning your individual surface needs, then we can arrange to contact you and help you make an accurate maintenance plan which will benefit your surface and the sports players using it.

3G Pitch Surfacing

Below is a video outlining the process of a 3G pitch surfacing construction project that we carried out for a school in London. The existing surface was a muddy natural grass area which was unsuitable for use as a sport facility.

  1. We began the work by excavating the existing grass to the required depth and preparing the groundworks.
  2. A soakaway system was then installed to create efficient drainage properties on the facility and to ensure it can be used in all weather conditions.
  3. Next was the installation of a porous stone sub base to give a strong foundation, and the 3G surfacing was finally laid out as the last part of the process.
  4. We applied a sand and rubber infill layer to the 3G grass which gives natural playing qualities for sports like football and rugby.

Please contact us if you’d like some further advice regarding the various sports pitch surfacing types that we install for recreational and professional facilities in the UK. We also provide price quotations for any construction or maintenance work you might need for your sport facility.

Sport Surface Options

There are a number of sport surface options that you can choose from including needlepunch, macadam, polymeric and synthetic grass. Our team can offer you information regarding the surfaces and we’ll offer advice on which would be best for you. Macadam and polymeric surfaces are great for sports like tennis, basketball and netball. Our team could also install 2G surfacing, which is great for tennis and hockey. If you are looking to play sports like football and rugby, it would be best to install 3G synthetic turf. 

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Our team could also install multi use games area surfacing. These may be installed using any surface, depending upon the sports you wish to play. Multisport synthetic surfacing is a popular choice for primary schools. The children can take part in sporting activities and athletics without having to pay for expensive facilities. This surface is available in a variety of different colours depending on your individual needs and requirements. 

Hard Court Surfacing

We also install hard court surfacing such as polymeric and macadam. Once these have been installed we can carry out sport surface colour coating to create a more appealing surface. The colour coating is done with anti slip paint. This is able to dramatically enhance the overall look and play of the court and improve slip resistance. Our expert team are also able to install a polyurethane binder to help the paint stick to the surface better.

We can apply anti slip paint in a number of different colours including two tone green, purple, red, blue and more. After the installation of the non slip paint, we may also apply line marking for various sports. Some common sports people play on polymeric and macadam include tennis, netball and basketball. However some establishments may also want to include other markings like hockey and 5-a-side football.

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