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Nursery Play Area Maintenance

Many surface types could be chosen for a nursery playground, for example wet pour, rubber mulch and artificial grass mats. Playground markings can also be added to tarmac surfaces by applying thermoplastic graphics. In order to keep the area in the best possible condition we recommend professional maintenance. If you have an EDPM rubber safety surface on your Early Years Foundation Stage play space you can carry out regular wetpour maintenance to prevent dirt and damages.

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Pressure Washing Nursery Surfaces

We also offer pressure washing for wetpour and bonded rubber mulch; this process should always be carried out by a professional contractor to ensure that the floor will not get damaged from the high pressure. The spray should be at an angle to the surface rather than pointed directly down so that dirt is removed and the safety flooring is not damaged.

Regular nursery play area maintenance, like jet washing, is good for keeping the play flooring clean and clear of dirt and contaminations. It also ensures safety for the children by preventing debris and puddles that may cause the children to slip.

For more information on Early Years playground maintenance and pressure washing nursery surfaces, please send us your details by filling out the contact form. If you send us some photos of the area we can take a look at the existing condition. This means we can suggest the best method of cleaning or repairs needed for your playground.

It is important to clean the safety surfacing regularly to remove dirt, debris and other natural matter. This stops pores becoming blocked, therefore the water can continue to drain away easily making the facility safer for children, as flooding will be prevented so the surface will not become slippery.

As experts when it comes to nursery play area maintenance, we offer advice and information on what you can do to maintain your surface and keep it in the best possible condition.

Nursery Wet Pour Repairs

Wet pour is one of the most popular surfaces for playground in nurseries and requires little maintenance, however sometimes EYFS surfacing repairs may be needed. Prolonged, heavy use of a wet pour surface may lead to damage or flooding. You can repair these issues as soon as possible to prevent any further problems. If there is minor damage to a small area we supply a specialist wetpour repair kit so that you can deal with the problem yourself; however if the damage is more serious please speak to us so we can come to the site to fix the problem.

One way in which the nursery wet pour repairs may be completed is by cutting out the damaged area and filling it with a new layer of EPDM surfacing. Over time the colour of wetpour surfacing can fade due to regular use and weathering. Therefore the new surfacing may not match the colour of your existing area. To resolve this issue we can cut out a decorative shape and fill it in with a different colour of rubber mixture. This then creates an appealing design for the playground.

EPDM Perimeter Shrinkage

In this video our professional team carry out a repair to a wetpour surface. The flooring had shrunk at the edges and had become unsafe for the children to use. We cut around the damaged area and then filled in any gap with a new application of coloured rubber surfacing.

We also carry out specialist repairs on EPDM perimeter shrinkage; this is because sometimes the rubber floor surfacing can be prone to shrinking and expanding, particularly with inconsistent weather temperatures within the UK. Wet pour perimeter shrinkageoccurs when the rubber pulls away from the edge it has been laid up to creating a crack which may become a potential tripping hazard for children. These EYFS playground wetpour repairs can be carried out by filling in the gap with a different colour of EPDM rubber surfacing to create a contrasting border.

Please fill out our contact form with your details for additional information on nursery play area maintenance. We will get back to you as soon as possible with advice on the costs.

How to Maintain Nursery Play Surfacing

You can maintain nursery play surfacing by regularly washing the surface and carrying out routine inspections. Cleaning the area routinely means that you can get rid of any dirt and debris. These contaminants may be blocking the pores which could affect the porosity. Cleaning the surface will also make the area look much nicer. It is recommended to conduct routine inspections, whether you have got wet pour, rubber mulch or even artificial leisure grass, to find any rips or tears in the surfacing early on. It is important to get any damages repaired right away as soon as you notice them. This will help to prevent more damage to the surface.

In the event the surface is beyond repair, we can perform resurfacing. This involves ripping up the existing surface and replacing it with a brand new play surface. We can offer surface upgrades or lay the same surface. Many people who have wetpour surfacing in their nursery decide to resurface with a completely different colour. This then freshens up the appearance of the area. After the resurface it is important to carry out regular maintenance to make certain the playground remains in good condition.

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