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Protective Playground Flooring

There are many types of protective playground flooring for a children’s play area. These are designed to absorb impact if a child falls while running or playing on equipment. A number of designs and specifications are available depending on the client’s requirements. Some of these surfaces include:

  • Wetpour
  • Bouncy tarmac
  • Protective park floors
  • Artificial grass
  • Rubber mats
  • Bonded resin rubber mulch

It’s important to provide soft ground for play area facilities to make sure children are safe when climbing and running around. You will often find these products on school play areas and nurseries, particularly with playground equipment.

These are also suitable for public parks for kids to enjoy playing as safely as possible. We supply these products in a number of different designs and can make them bespoke to suit your needs.

Synthetic Turf Surfacing

Soft lawn or artificial grass has become increasingly used in schools as a safety surface for children’s leisure in the playground. This surfacing can be used all year round and also encourages children in more sport and play. It also means you can use to the facility more compared to natural grass.

Another advantage is the low cost maintenance associated with artificial leisure grass. This gives subsequent benefits for the kids to play all year round in the school playground. There is no need to worry about it becoming flooded in wet weather as it is porous. Our team can install this specification to a range of outdoor spaces. We can also provide a shockpad to go underneath the carpet to add extra impact absorption.

Bonded Rubber Play Mulch

Similar to rubber soft play surface this also provides for the children’s safety in playgrounds. The rubber mulch surfacing can easily be laid around play equipment to give the critical fall height (CFH) to provide a safety surfacing so the kids are safe outdoors. The rubber mulch provides for a more natural look and still provides a safety surface for the children.

Many people like this specification as it has a similar appearance to wooden bark or chippings. It also offers a more flexible design as we can apply it directly onto existing grass or muddy areas. A number of colour options are available including red, green and a mix of both.

Rubber Grass Mats

Another safety surface is the technix protective rubber grass mats, preformed protection grass grow matting or coloured grass mat protective playground flooring. We can apply these onto grass areas, and the grass then grows through the holes in the mats to disguise them. The rubber adds safety as it helps to absorb impact from falls when children are playing.

These products are often installed around wooden equipment such as trim trails. They are designed to protect the kids from hurting themselves while still maintaining the natural appearance.

Wetpour EPDM Flooring

However the main source of protective surfacing used on playgrounds, parks and leisure areas for the kids and children is wetpour surfacing which is a rubber surface in black or in colour.

The coloured rubber bouncy tarmac surface as a lot seem to call it is very popular under play equipment because it is a safety surface to protect the children, toddlers, kids and young ones. The soft pour bouncy surface is also used in residential care homes where elderly people might fall.

The soft surface material absorbs the fall of the impact as it is a cushioned surface. The cushioning is where people call the safety surface to be spongy or bouncy surfacing. Many contractors can install the varied play areas however make sure they are all tested to BSEN standards anywhere in the UK.

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