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Costs of Schools Playground Safety Surfaces

Costs of Schools Playground Safety Surfacing can vary from job to job depending on access, dimensions and measurements for the desired play area. The next items that determine the costs, prices and quotes are the type of play area safety surface they require and also the purpose of the flooring.

The quote could be for a number of safety surfaces including:

  • Rubber wetpour surfacing
  • Rubber mulch safety surfaces
  • Grass mats
  • Artificial turf

All the sub base and construction can vary for the specified product and this is where the design and specification need to be drawn up. If a sub base needs to be prepared, this will of course have an effect on the costs. The existing surface may need to be removed and replaced with a new porous base if it is not in a suitable condition. This is the kind of thing we will look at when putting together a quote for you.

Safety Surface Designs

We offer a number of products and these obviously come at different price points. A popular surface type for playgrounds is the wetpour rubber flooring which comes in many colours. The installation process for this can be quite in-depth if a sub base needs to be put down, or if multiple colours are required. These are things which can increase the costs of the product.

Another safety surface we commonly install is bonded rubber bark also known as mulch, which has a similar appearance to wood chippings. It is applied by mixing shredded rubber with a binder and applying it onto the chosen area. For this product, we don’t need to prepare a sub-base as it can be directly applied onto existing grass or muddy areas. This will of course reduce the overall price for the installation.

If you’re looking for a quick and simple installation, rubber grass mats are an option. These are tiles that are honeycomb-shaped with holes in them, and they will be installed on top of existing grass. Their purpose is to provide a softer landing surface around play equipment. However, they still allow you to keep the natural appearance as the grass simply grows through the holes.

These different specifications can all be tailor-made to suit each different client. Be sure to let us know if you have any specific preferences or requirements and we’ll do our best to match these.

Dimensions of the Play Area

It goes without saying that it will cost more to apply surfacing to a large area as more materials will be needed and it will take longer to complete. However we also need to look at economies of scale, and this can change the price per square metre. Smaller areas can sometimes have a higher price per square metre because we still need to cover other costs such as travel.

With larger areas these expenses can be spread out, therefore reducing the cost per square metre. These are things we will always incorporate within our quote for each project.

Site Location Prices

The location of your project will also affect the costs of schools playground safety surfaces. This is because we will have to pay for travel and accommodation for our team who are completing the work. It will depend on how the work is scheduled and whether we are completing multiple projects in the same area. This is just another thing we need to account for when putting a quote together.

Play Equipment Safety

There are plenty of playground equipment contractors and suppliers in the UK who can supply different products. Some of the most common would be:

  • Swings
  • Slides
  • Multi-units
  • Jungle gyms
  • Trim trails
  • Roundabouts
  • Rope bridges

It’s important to appreciate the value of play equipment and get the most out of it at your school or nursery. These products are designed to improve children’s fitness and physical skills so they offer many benefits.

Beneath these structures is where the safety surface needs to meet the BS EN standards for the Critical Fall Height (CFH) and Head Injury Criteria (HIC) test. We can install specialist HIC play surfacing to meet these requirements and ensure maximum safety for children.

Depending on the particular CFH for the equipment, different depths of the surface will be required. The higher the fall height, the greater the depth of the surface will be and therefore the higher the cost.

Get a Quote

If you have any queries or need a quote on the following please contact our team through the form on this page. We will take into account all the factors regarding your project to ensure the best possible price. Make sure to give us as much detail as possible including area size and location so we can give an accurate pricing estimate. The costs of schools playground safety surfaces are different for every project but we’ll do our best to make it affordable for you.

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