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Play Area Maintenance

The playground surfaces which we install are wetpour, rubber mulch and grass mats, these surfaces all meet the BS EN 1177 playground safety standards. There are two types of play area maintenance, proactive and reactive. Proactive cleaning is something which you do to prevent serious damages occurring and reactive maintenance is something which is done when you need to repair the surface and fix any issues.

Contaminated Playground Surface

If your wet pour surfacing has leaves, weeds and other dirt on the surface, it should be removed as soon as possible. This is because it can cause contamination to block the drainage system. To prevent this you should brush the wetpour and give a light jet wash or a hose down to remove any dirt. For the process of maintaining rubber mulch, the plan should consist of a light jet wash, a brush and the occasional top up of the rubber.

If you’ve got a rubber mulch surface which is in need of repairs, click here – to find out more information on this. Grass mats are very simple to look after, we just suggest you look out for any damages or uplift of the mats.

If you have contaminations on your playground surface, it is vital to get this sorted as soon as possible. If you do not treat the surface when contaminated, more problems could occur and the area could lose porosity. Our team can completely revitalise the area and can provide a moss and algae treatment to prevent contamination growing back.

How to Maintain Playgrounds

You should maintain playgrounds regularly to ensure the surface is safe for young children. Our experts can carry out playground inspections to look for any problems within the surface and we shall let you know how to fix these issues. Our specialists will also carry out cleaning and moss treatment to keep the area in good condition. We also offer advice and information on how you can carry out maintenance to look after your playground.

Once cleaning and inspections have been carried out, it is a good idea to fix any damages on the surface to ensure they do not result in worse problems. If you leave the problems to develop further, you may be facing even more costly repairs such as resurfacing.

Playground Flooring Repairs

If any damages occur then reactive play area maintenance should be taken at the first convenience, this is because if you leave it even longer then you could find yourself needing more playground flooring repairs, which can be costly and the defects could pose a health and safety risk.

As play areas are often open to the public they can have a heavy amount of use and vandalism can happen. Normally the type of vandalism we see on wetpour is chewing gum marks and stains, we can easily remove these. Bonded rubber mulch can come loose and some children will find it fun to pick at it and make it worse, this means that an infill will be required. If grass mats become loose and lift up they are a trip hazard and require attention straight away. We offer repair kits for small jobs you can do yourself, this is common for wetpour where small cracks can appear.

As wet pour is made of EPDM rubber, when the ground has been there for a while, the perimeter can shrink. This is when our professionals will come out and fix the perimeter by removing the edging and replacing it with new rubber crumb.

Playground flooring repairs are necessary for many reasons. They will remove any health and safety hazards that can become worse without attention. If you’ve got a play area surface which is in need of maintenance or repairs we can offer help. Please get in touch with us through our enquiry form and we’ll be able to offer advice on costs for the work.

Wetpour Perimeter Repair

A playground may begin to reduce in size all-around the edges with time. Leading to the border diminishing from the border, producing breaks all around the outside of the facility. This could certainly turn into a safety hazard for children so you should to take care of the problem right away.

Additionally not addressing the issues quickly can cause more severe problems making repairs much more costly. We provide wetpour perimeter repair therefore we can come to your location and then fill up the gaps with more EPDM wetpour.

If you’d like to do it yourself, we can sell you a DIY repair kit that contains rubber as well as binder. This can make it much more cost effective as you can complete the repair in your own time. There is no need to pay for our team to travel out to site and do it for you.

To stop these issues coming up, setting up a wetpour maintenance plan is critical. They will help make sure your facility increases in quality as time goes by. It’ll also make sure that the flooring will have an extended lifespan. We could repair these border issues in a different colour of wet pour to create a border affect.

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