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Play Area Line Marking Specification

Our expert team can install a bespoke play area line marking specification for macadam playground surfaces in the UK. These markings come in a range of different graphic flooring designs with fun and educational games and sports for children of all ages. These graphics are called thermoplastic markings and are similar to the designs found on wetpour rubber play areas; however they are made from plastic which is heated and stuck to the macadam floor surface. This therefore gives a brighter and more appealing effect which engages kids and encourages educational play.

Contact us today if you have any questions about these colourful flooring graphics. Just complete the enquiry form on this page and we’ll respond as quickly as we can with some more information on the costs and different product types.

Thermoplastic Line Marking Application

These thermoplastic designs are permanent, very durable, hard wearing, especially in comparison to the standard painted playground surface markings. Thermoplastic line marking can be applied to any tarmac play area surfacing with ease in a short period of time to reduce disruption for kids and parents at schools and clubs. In addition, the installation of thermoplastic games marking is non toxic and does not contain lead or chromates, these qualities make the play surface safe for children to use and be in contact with. Once applied, thermoplastic graphics are easily cleaned and maintained with a wide fanned pressure washer or a soft brush. This means there is no extra expense involved with the cleaning and upkeep of the line markings. This simple maintenance makes the play area line marking specification more cost effective than paint graphics which require repainting after a while.

Playground Marking Graphic Designs

The playground surface graphics are available in a huge range of colours and designs which can be customised to suit any school or club. For example, line marking contractors would be able to apply a school logo or bespoke colour scheme to the macadam to give a more personal effect and to fit a range of specifications and budgets. Individual play surfacing construction specialists will be able to offer prices and give quotes tailored to different surface requirements. This includes any special requests you may have regarding installation of personalised playground graphic designs.

Educational Outdoor Activities

Some of the graphics and surface games available include traditional playground activities like hopscotch and ‘What time is it Mr. Wolf?’ as well as clocks, maps, safety and road signs, number grids for maths games and letters for alphabet and word games which may be specially chosen to meet different specifications. These activities all combine the aspect of educational learning linking to school curriculums, as well as providing an enjoyable experience for the children. Line marking for different sports such as football, tennis and netball can also be installed by play surfacing contractors; this helps schools to meet the standards of recommended physical education activities. Some of the designs which can be provided also include brightly coloured animals and cartoon characters to stimulate children’s imaginations for a more fun and engaging learning experience which would offer a change from conventional classroom learning.

In the video below you can see a transformation of a nursery play area which went from blank tarmac to a colourful roadway design. This kind of specification is ideal for nurseries and schools as it could be used for fun games as well as teaching children about road safety.

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We have completed many projects for different clients and can create a bespoke design to suit you. Whether you want an educational playground with number and letter games, or an all round fun activity area, we can provide this for you. The products we use are all of premium quality to ensure a lasting finish which is vibrant and eye catching for the children. Outdoor learning is extremely important for development, particularly in early years, so having an interactive play surface can be really beneficial.

The play area line marking specification could be bespoke made for individual schools, clubs and public facilities to offer specialised playground games and activities. Costs and prices can vary for each client based on the specification and budget of the project. Our quotes are offered to suit individual circumstances and locations, so feel free to let us know exactly what you need. Just contact our team today to receive more details on the costs for our installation services.

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