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LEAP Local Equipped Area for Play

LEAP is a Local Equipped Area for Play that is needed on building sites when building a certain amount of houses or apartments. The LEAP is a play area that is designed for children and can be anything from a simple slide and swing to the full construction of a playground. There are several types of Impact absorbing safety surfacing which our team can install for these areas. These will usually be safety surfaces such as wetpour flooring and rubber play bark and basically any safety surface to meet the critical fall height (CFH) for the playground equipment.

There is a variety of designs which we can use for installing these facilities. Plenty of different equipment products are available to make the area fun and exciting. Below you can see some of the different play structures and design options we supply.

Categories of Local Play Areas

The fields in Trust/National Playing Fields Association Standards have 3 categories of equipped play areas. These are local areas for play (LAP), local equipped areas for play (LEAP) and neighbourhood equipped areas for play (NEAP). The main characteristics of each category are:

LAP – Local Area for Play

The LAP is a small area of open space specifically designated and primarily laid out for very young children to play close to where they live.

LEAP – Local Equipped Area for Play

The LEAP is an area of open space specifically designated and laid out with features including equipment for children who are beginning to go out and play independently close to where they live.

NEAP – Neighbourhood Equipped Area for Play

The NEAP is an area of open space specifically designated, laid out and equipped mainly for older children but with play opportunities for younger children as well.

Where Can LEAPs be Installed?

A LEAP / NEAP play area can be installed in the following places:

  • Caravan parks
  • Holiday resorts -Haven, Butlins, Pontins etc
  • Public open spaces
  • Recreational areas
  • Residential parks
  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Colleges
  • Camping areas
  • Leisure centres

There are a number of requirements when it comes to installing Local Equipped Areas for Play or Neighbourhood Equipped Areas for Play. This is to ensure ease of access for children and to reduce disruption for nearby homes. It is important that recreational spaces fit in with the local community and provide a safe place for kids. Some of the required standards detailed by West Oxfordshire District Council are listed below:

  • Play areas should be designed in a way that is attractive and safe for children and meets their needs, including those with special needs, and of those living nearby;
  • Selection of play area sites should be integrated into the design process;
  • Sites should be accessible within the specified walking distance on practicable, not notional, routes;
  • Emphasis should be placed on the importance of community safety, accessibility, play value, the setting, and good neighbourliness
  • High climbing equipment or equipment on mounds should be sited sensitively, well away from nearby windows. Very popular items sited as far away as possible from houses can help to make play areas more acceptable to neighbours.

Local Playground Installers

Soft Surfaces Ltd has over 15 years of extensive experience in constructing playgrounds, multi-use games areas, MUGA, LEAPs and NEAPs. The LEAP play areas are generally carried out for building contractors however we also in the past have carried them out for landscape contractors, councils, architects and local authorities. The play surfaces we commonly use include impact absorbing flooring like rubber mulch, wet pour and grass mats.

Feel free to get in touch with our team today by filling in the contact form on this page. We can offer more details on the design and costs of installing these facilities. Just let us know what you’re looking for, the location of the project and an idea of your budget.

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