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Playground Marking Graphics

Playground marking graphics are an important part to enhance your play area and make it a fun and educational environment for the children to play in. We are regularly asked to install thermoplastic designs in nurseries, schools, parks and playgrounds and we have a wide range of markings to choose from.

Playground Marking Installation

The playground marking graphics can transform, renovate and revitalise your dull tarmac surface and make it a nicer place for the children and something which they will want to use. The process is very quick and cost-effective, minimising disruptions on site. We place the thermoplastic playground markings in the correct area, then apply heat to the design. This makes the plastic shape melt and stick onto the macadam flooring.

Schools outdoor play areas used to have paint markings applied to the tarmac; this was a long process and would have to be done regularly when the paint was worn off. These designs last much longer and look a lot better because they are preformed and brighter colours and various patterns could be applied to them.

You can find out more about school playground marking installation by talking to a member of our team. Please take a moment to contact us through the quick and easy form on this page if you have any questions about costs and design choices for these markings. One of our experts will send you over a few case studies and examples of the products we have available, as well as discussing a quote for your project.

Thermoplastic markings are not just fun, they can be educational and also bring the community together. This is because snakes and ladders and hopscotch designs have numbers on them and children will be learning in an activity. They can bring the pupils and community together because we’re often asked to install friendship stops and recreational quiet areas.

The playground markings that we can install are available in a number of different colours and designs depending on your individual needs and requirements. We may alter designs to meet your spending budget, so please do not be afraid to let us know how much you are planning to spend on the graphics that we install.

Maintaining Thermoplastic Designs

These facilities are commonly found at schools, colleges and sports clubs as they cater for a diverse range of sports. Here are some of the key benefits of having a MUGA:

  • Suitable to use for a range of sports and activities
  • Versatile designs including hard court and artificial grass
  • Makes the most of your existing outdoor space
  • No need to install multiple facilities for different sports
  • Less maintenance is required as you are only looking after one area
  • School children can enjoy doing a number of activities

These are a few of the reasons why people choose to have multi-use sports facilities and playground markings for schools.

A lot of schools, nurseries, kindergartens and parks in the UK have high-quality play area graphic markings installed onto their macadam surface. The educational designs can be things such as:

  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Hopscotch
  • Number tracks
  • Alphabet games
  • Animals
  • Cartoon characters

The recreational designs can bring the community together and we have previously installed friendship stops and quiet areas. The design specification is endless and we are always looking for more ideas and possible graphics. If you have any of your own design ideas make sure you let us know.

The thermoplastics are bright, colourful and available in a range of characters that can encourage active play. Along with macadam play surfaces, we also install wetpour rubber safety play areas with coloured graphics, take a look at this page – to find out more on this product.

We provide many designs and styles for the markings so that they may be perfectly suitable for your primary school. Plastic play area graphics are usually suitable for leisure areas, primary schools and day care organisations. They’re tough and durable enough for everyday use and various weather conditions. We can additionally complete repair and restoration for tired graphics. This is for existing markings which might have been worn out or become weakened with time. We are also able to implement traditional play area markings. Some of these designs include:

  • Duck Duck Goose
  • Target Throwing
  • Hopscotch
  • What’s the Time Mr Wolf?
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Compasses

The application process of thermoplastic markings is fairly simple and quick. This helps in reducing interruption in primary schools and nursery playgrounds. The anti slip graphic designs should be put on the playground surface and then heated so they soften and adhere to the tarmac.

As soon as the application is complete, the graphics leave a vibrant and long lasting appearance. They are a great way to increase a playground’s appearance so it’s more enjoyable for school children. Our distinct range of products is wonderful for encouraging children to learn and have fun whilst actively playing outdoors.

Maintaining thermoplastic designs is fairly easy as long as you clean them regularly. In some cases you may need reapplication or removal of thermoplastics. Our team can carry out these services easily, so please make certain to contact us for more details.

Play Surface Markings Design

It is becoming more popular to have play surface markings designed and installed in schools, this is most likely due to the fact that Ofsted see thermoplastic graphics as an opportunity for students to be learning outside. Some pupils learn better outside and also being involved in activities, having the option for outside learning can improve your students’ educations and also your schools Ofsted report.

We install a range of designs, including graphics appropriate for KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4, the graphics choice is endless and we are always up for hearing new possible designs which your organisation could have. Some facilities have old and worn out markings and want to replace, reline or remove them and this is another service which we are able to offer.

If you’d like to see one of our completed projects from start to finish, check out this short video clip below. This shows our team installing a solid colour Snakes and Ladders grid for a school play area:

When installing lots of thermoplastic designs, there is normally a theme which the graphics follow, such as jungles or sea life and this can be because of the educational curriculum which they are following. Play surface markings design allow your students have a great tarmac surface which both you and them may be proud of. It can also make your macadam surface look new and fresh.

Play Area Painting

We can also paint macadam surfaces, either black or another chosen colour and then apply the thermoplastic markings. Tarmac is quick to fade and it can look old and worn out when this happens. This is why we offer painting services to improve the look of the area before applying the thermoplastic shapes.

We offer prices and advice regarding the best type of playground marking graphics to install for your recreational area. Please contact us through our enquiry form and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

Activity Marking Installers

Many schools get playground markings in order to improve the benefits of the facility. It can also encourage the youngsters to play outside, as well as impressing OFSTED staff. Playground markings are often important for the children’s education and learning, together with their entertainment and fitness levels. They are perfect for pupils of all ages in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Alongside normal, fun recreational graphics, there are educational graphics. These can cover a number of subjects, for example maths and English. The designs include number grids, alphabets, phonics, targets and roadways. Our activity marking installers can also provide other playground activity graphics and great prices so make sure to contact us today for a quote.

Play surface markings may be beneficial in improving pupils’ fitness and all-around health and it’s an ideal way to make fitness become fun. For school children, weight problems are a growing issue and inactivity can even affect the NHS. Having outdoor exercise spaces is a terrific way to increase health and fitness. There are plenty of organisations who can have colourful playground designs put down. The designs that our installers apply come from high-quality materials. Because of this, they provide resilience and long term results.

As kids are going to be running and playing on the graphics, it is essential for them to be safe to use. Completely new thermoplastic surface markings can also make a facility look a lot more colourful and appealing, this may attract pupils and parents to the school, as well as increase your OFSTED review. All of the designs are excellent for pupils in various age groups, and they could even create individual fun games.

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